Sheboygan Scanner

7th December 2023
  • 57 sb & ff – large truck spewing recyclables
  • shores of sheboygan – 90yo woman not behaving normally
  • 505 s water st – 80yo woman has pain, trouble breathing
  • plymouth – 1 in custody
  • 5xx s pleasant view rd – 89yo man fell, reported by 3rd party
  • 1231 eisner ave – 93yo woman fell out of bed, injured nose
  • rocky knoll – 80yo woman with blood clot in leg has chest pain, trouble breathing
  • 23 & p – vehicle eb in wb lanes
  • [2:02] 3434 mill rd – “the shipping mill” thinks package recipient is victim of fraud; she was contacted by sheboygan for kiel pd on 12/2 about fraud investigation, said she’d deal with it later
  • area of 42 & 43? – disturbance; male was trying to pull female into hyundai
  • 144 & lynn rd – accident; vehicles in ditch, debris in roadway
  • hamann dr – female teen having seizures
  • salvation army – woman in 60s sweating, shaking, has migraine
  • 28 & [cherry hill dr?] – car vs deer
  • 42 & vanguard dr – vehicle in ditch
  • carmen ave east of 22nd st – bus mirror hit other vehicle’s mirror; other driver took off
  • 1xx lexington ct – 81yo woman fell out of bed, is bleeding from hand; possible low blood sugar
  • 77xx middle rd – 72yo man fell outside, injured shoulder, hip
  • mcdonald’s, falls – disturbance; employee’s dad demanded free food earlier, left, returned
  • 2xx w lake dr, random lake – 76yo man altered
  • bk – man in 60s tripped on curb, fell into parking lot
  • 25th st & saemann ave – accident, rollover; no obvious injuries
  • 1205 illinois ave – water flow alarms activated
  • sunset dr, oostburg – man in 60s unconscious, unknown if breathing
  • aurora er – 4mo boy with rsv needs transport to children’s
  • 200 industrial dr – man in 70s cut finger
  • mead library – man in 60s having trouble breathing
  • 37xx superior ave – alarms activated, smoke visible
  • 53xx pine ct – woman in 50s fell in bathroom
  • w55xx ? – deer in ditch
  • 8xx st clair ave – man in 40s fell down stairs last night, injured knee, can’t get down steps to get into vehicle
  • la quinta – woman in 20s cold, vomiting, not breathing normally, can’t walk
  • 15xx falcon way – 76yo man has jerking movements
  • calm harbor – man in 50s altered; ems asked to stage
  • morningside – 83yo woman has increased pain, swelling
  • 43 sb & weeden creek rd – hit & run
  • s 19th st – woman in 60s unconscious, not breathing
  • 16xx indiana ave – man in 40s has pounding in chest, trouble breathing
  • cedar grove gardens – 70yo man fell out of bed, has head, shoulder pain
  • 18xx settlement tr – 80yo man fell, cut head
  • 12xx lincoln ave – woman in 20s has swollen ankle, can’t walk
  • ? – semi driver left on foot
  • 10xx superior ave – woman in 40s has chest pain, high bp
  • pacifico, plymouth – field interview
  • aurora er – 16yo boy with cellulitis, osteomyelitis needs transport to children’s
  • pennsylvania ave – blue chevy brake-checking metro bus
  • 926 superior ave, oostburg – water flow alarm activated
  • superior ave – animal at large “possibly attacked the caller”?
  • 916 e clifford st – 73yo woman has possible sepsis
  • 16xx n 34th st – man in 40s ingested hemp gummy, doesn’t feel well
  • aurora – flight’s landing in 6 minutes
  • walmart north – previous retail theft
  • 28 & blueberry ln – car vs deer
  • sheboygan clinic – woman in 40s has high bp, severe head pain
  • coulis cardiology – man in 60s in v-tach
  • 14th st north of indiana ave – accident blocking traffic
  • lake country academy – car vs pedestrian; female uninjured
  • 16xx s 12th st – fire alarm activated, smell of smoke
  • 5xx pioneer rd, wilson – 82yo man having trouble breathing, low o2
  • 12xx erie ave – woman in 20s has flu-like symptoms, can’t walk
  • howards grove high – hit & run
  • 27xx wilgus ave – woman in 60s having trouble breathing
  • vollrath co – woman in 30s trapped between wall & machine, is injured
  • pathways – man in 30s with copd having trouble breathing
30th October 2023
  • 910 n 10th st – 95yo woman who fell, broke ribs earlier can’t stand, has increased pain
  • [10:37] kwik trip, oostburg – deputy assigned to welfare check says it’s the female he pulled over earlier
  • 5xx s river st – 79yo man has back, leg pain from previous fall
  • 26xx n 7th st – man in 80s with history of spinal fracture can’t get up
  • shores of sheboygan – 75yo woman has abdominal pain
  • 4139 cherrywood ct – fire alarm activated
  • waterford – 85yo man fainted, is dizzy, has rapid heart rate
  • 1031 maryland ave – woman in 60s has headache, nausea
  • horace mann ms – smoke detector activated
  • 1231 eisner ave – woman fell, injured hip, shoulder
  • north high – fire alarm activated
  • 67 & v? – cow walking close to roadway
  • ? – drunk stranger vomiting in caller’s front yard
  • 611 n water st – man in 60s has left arm numbness, trouble breathing
  • 28 & ppp – car vs deer
  • [6:59] [falls?] – mom says male threatened to blow up van, trailer
  • 11xx n 9th st – 70yo woman lost vision in 1 eye; possible stroke
  • 40xx mapledale dr – man with brain cancer fell, is bleeding profusely from head
  • 32xx n 27th st – woman in 40s vomiting, having trouble breathing
  • 1031 maryland ave – smoke detector activated
  • 1xx tower ct, falls – physical disturbance
  • 10xx st clair ave – man in 20s lethargic, can’t walk
  • 43 sb from manitowoc – swerving maroon charger almost caused 2 accidents
  • [3:45] plymouth – people in vehicle with loud music driving around, yelling at kids; almost hit one
  • w50xx pheasant valley rd – 73yo woman fell out of chair; unknown injuries
  • 4228 kadlec dr – 74yo woman fell, bonked head
26th October 2023
  • 21xx weeden creek rd – man in 80s unconscious, not breathing
  • 11xx pershing ave – man in 50s fell
  • pine haven, haven dr – 97yo? woman lethargic with pinpoint pupils, can’t swallow
  • walgreens, n 14th st – man in 20s has abdominal pain
  • 1102 w 1st st, waldo – man in 30s fainted
  • 12xx reed st – 76yo man has unknown medical problem
  • 916 huron ave – woman in 50s has ankle pain
  • 12xx reed st – 76yo man can’t get out of bed
  • pp east of falls – deer?
  • 916 huron ave – woman thinks her c-diff came back
  • 21xx n 10th st – woman in 40s unconscious, not breathing; cpr being started
  • lakeland university – male teen on soccer field has chest pain, trouble breathing
  • [4:40] rr tracks east of mink farm [plymouth?] – manhunt; drone team requested? for person(s) in woods [5:09] k9 requested; none available [6:02] in custody?
  • 7xx bluff ave – woman having seizure
  • county – car vs deer near a walmart?
  • [1:06] stedman way – person passed 3 bad checks in racine
  • w23xx river valley dr – co detector activated
  • 7xx bluff ave – 7 or 70yo female fainted, has headache
  • ? – male in custody for owi, 3rd offense
  • 23 & p – accident blocking traffic
  • n1xx cth i – 84yo man down in bathroom
  • area of walmart north – man in 30s unconscious, unknown if breathing; 1 narcan administered, didn’t work
  • ? – “the cows are all back in”
  • [earlier] indiana ave – distraught male told doctor’s office he’d just accidentally killed his cat in the road, said he’d be next [later] records show that he moved to mt calvary; deputy’s going to check for cat on indiana ave [later] he was ok
  • 21xx georgia ave – 78yo man down on bathroom floor with chills
  • aurora – disturbance? on metro bus
  • 28xx s 17th st – 91yo man weak, having trouble breathing
  • 2xx lincoln ave – 80yo woman found down in alley
  • 8xx park ave, oostburg – 76yo man having trouble breathing
  • [8:03] falls – female left threatening texts, violating bail bond
  • broadway st & fallen oaks dr – check welfare; man sitting on curb near walker looks confused
  • n74xx north star rd – man in 60s fell, is bleeding from head
  • 4xx n swift st – woman in 50s has chest pain
24th October 2023
  • 5xx audubon rd, kohler – woman in 40s on o2 having trouble breathing
  • 4335 liberty ct – woman in 40s has chest pain radiating to jaw
  • 42 sb & 43 – silverado tailgating with high beams on
  • 26xx n 36th st – cops request ems for female teen who’s having trouble breathing, possibly anxiety related
  • st clair ave & 9th st – cops request ems for man in 50s who said he fell somewhere, was bleeding from nose
  • 42xx country meadows dr – man in 50s with food poisoning vomiting, has chest pain
  • 26xx s 17th st – 71yo woman weak, having trouble breathing
  • shores of sheboygan – man has swollen lymph nodes, high bp
  • 5xx n pleasant view rd – woman in 40s having possible stroke
  • prairie crossing – 81yo man
  • aurora – deputy en route with 1 for legal blood draw
  • 1411 n taylor dr – automatic crash notification activated
  • meyer motors – raccoon returned
  • 2xx s river blvd – man in 50s fell, injured back
  • 49xx moenning rd – 84yo woman has slurred speech
  • 24xx s 8th st – tree, wires down
  • 18xx n 4th st – protective services requests transport for woman in 80s
  • 15xx n 17th st – woman in 80s with feeding tube may have aspirated
  • meyer motors – raccoon in distress in parking lot
  • 17xx ontario ave – ems asked to stage for male teen who fell, is dazed
  • w57xx maple dr – woman in 30s possibly dehydrated
  • aurora – flight’s landing in 5 minutes
  • sports core – 70yo man fell near pool
  • georgia pacific – man in 20s dizzy, vomiting
  • 25xx calumet dr – 73yo man has severe headache
  • cedar landing – 92yo woman unconscious in lobby; airway instructions being given
  • old wisconsin, union ave – man has deep cut to cheek
  • 10xx woodlake rd – man in 60s with covid was having trouble breathing, isn’t answering door for neighbor
  • 112 s river blvd – man in 80s fell, injured knee, isn’t behaving normally
12th October 2023
  • st nick’s – man in 60s with c-spine fracture needs transport to st vincent
  • 14xx meadow ln – woman in 50s fell; unknown injuries
  • pine haven – woman has low bp, can’t keep anything down, not behaving normally
  • 1427 n 10th st – man in 60s has severe nosebleed
  • 13xx s 10th st – cops request ems for person with possible head injury
  • 8th st & superior ave – ems asked to stage
  • walmart north – suicide hotline reports that female sitting on speed bump is going to freeze self to death
  • 12xx reed st – 76yo man has chest pain, trouble breathing
  • georgia ave – 11w pregnant woman in severe pain
  • marsh area – car vs deer?
  • 4335 liberty ct – woman in 40s has chest pain, clammy, not breathing normally
  • 4xx e mill st – possible structure fire
  • 1xx n depot st, waldo – possible physical disturbance
  • songbird ct – injured fox
  • 6xx armstrong ave – 79yo man slumped over in vehicle, not completely alert
  • eastern ave & pig – accident blocking traffic
  • 1231 eisner ave – man in 60s has hip pain
  • 200 s pier dr – man in 40s unconscious at end of pier, unknown if breathing; possible self-strangulation
  • 2201 erie ave – woman in 50s fell
  • 101 school st – 75yo woman fell earlier; unknown injuries
  • 930 e clifford st – woman in 60s has pounding heart
  • sunny ridge – 74yo woman has infected incision
  • st nick’s – woman with preterm partial abruption needs transport to st vincent l&d
  • [12:10] 16xx n 15th st – man with copd having trouble breathing
  • [11:15] lakeshore lanes – woman in 60s fell, bonked head
  • pig south – epileptic woman having seizure
  • 17xx illinois ave – cops request ems
  • shores of sheboygan – 75yo woman has tumor-associated pain
  • w22xx w union ave, cedar grove – co detector activated
  • progressive – 70yo woman fell
  • 51xx windward ct – medical alarm activated
  • 23 eb & 57 – semi lost wheel
  • planet fitness, s taylor dr – 85yo man dizzy
26th September 2023
  • city [sheboygan?] – female fled from traffic stop on foot
  • [4:36] stayer park – cop looking for stolen bike told to also look for male who was involved in retail theft from walmart with another boy, concealed alcohol [5:28 – merchandise recovered?].cops also chased boys from stayer park earlier this month; 1 abandoned bike?, drugs were found behind tree
  • [area of rolling meadows dr?] – [disturbance?] victim refusing ems, deputies searching for male suspect
  • 101 school st – medical pendant activated
  • 4249 honeysuckle ct – man in 50s has swollen legs, trouble breathing
  • 34xx eisner ct – smoke coming from bathroom
  • i & huibregtse rd – accident
  • little elkhart lake – water rescue practice
  • 27xx lisa ave – man in 80s has been ill for a month
  • 21xx ?, plymouth? – injured raccoon needs to be dispatched
  • [yesterday] 4xx n highland ave – woman thinks vehicle was tampered with; it broke down on the highway
  • 35xx n 13th st – medical pendant activated
  • 32 sb from 42 – swerving chevy trax almost went into ditch
  • 4228 kadlec dr – 98yo woman lethargic, has rapid pulse
  • 6xx dutch ct – 79yo man has swollen leg, trouble breathing
  • 46xx najacht rd – 90yo man fell, isn’t completely alert
  • 46xx najacht rd – 90yo man fell, isn’t completely alert
  • aurora er – woman with gastric volvulus needs transport to st luke’s
  • aurora er – woman with gastric volvulus needs transport to st luke’s
  • acuity – glass fell onto contractor’s head
  • riverview ms – 13yo boy has elevated pulse
  • 15xx s 17th st – 89yo woman weak, lethargic
  • 4228 kadlec dr – woman with dementia behaving erratically
  • la quinta – 79yo woman fell, injured hip
15th September 2023
  • rocky knoll – 72yo man was unresponsive
  • s lincoln dr – man in 40s unconscious, not breathing; defib vest on
  • 3xx spring st, falls – woman having seizure
  • 18xx settlement tr – man in 60s having stroke
  • quit qui oc golf course – 78yo man fell in parking lot
  • 30xx n 9th st – 75yo woman fell
  • 14xx n 26th st – woman in 50s fell, is bleeding from nose
  • pine haven, giddings ave – 85yo woman fell, has hip pain
  • grand ave & allen st – check welfare; female pedestrian seems “out of it”
  • waterford – 75yo woman has abdominal pain
  • cedar ln – 81yo woman has acute visual loss
  • sunny ridge – man in 60s has abdominal pain
  • 4228 kadlec dr – 89yo woman has lump in stomach
  • 4228 kadlec dr – 74yo woman has hip pain
  • ross – woman in 20s fainted
  • 67 & hill & dale rd – accident with injuries
  • 4xx franzen st – woman in 30s hallucinating; had seizure sunday
  • st nick’s – fire alarm activated
  • aurora er – 29mo boy with upper respiratory virus needs transport to children’s
  • pick n save, plymouth – found husky
14th September 2023
  • 13xx s 11th st – man in 60s having possible stroke
  • 35xx eisner ct – fire alarm activated
  • 26xx pine grove ave – 74yo man has low blood sugar, is unconscious
  • sunny ridge – 92yo woman fell
  • n main st, falls – ems requested for troubled teen
  • miller[sville ave?] – car vs deer
  • 11xx n 11th st, oostburg – 73yo man fell, injured knee
  • plymouth – check welfare of male who was vomiting in street
  • ? pd – positive indication
  • pine haven, haven dr – 80yo woman has low blood sugar
  • 4205 cherrywood ct – woman fell, has swollen knee, is bleeding from arm
  • broadway st sb from buffalo st – vehicle break-in followed by car chase
  • 4253 honeysuckle ct – cops request ems for unconscious male
  • 6th st & euclid ave – man in 50s unconscious in vehicle
  • 9th st & indiana ave – 76yo woman fell off barstool, is sitting outside, not responding; no obvious injuries
  • 5xx wild goose ln – man in 60s having possible stroke
  • walgreens, 14th st – man in 60s has foot pain
  • bethany reformed church – 80yo man unresponsive
  • g north of 23 – backup requested at traffic stop
  • a & lower rd – pickup vs guardrail
  • 20xx n 7th st – woman with cancer has racing heart
  • 26xx superior ave – man in 60s incoherent, has abdominal pain
13th September 2023
  • 15xx s 14th st – 9yo boy having seizure
  • main st, cedar grove – man says he has a knife?, is going to commit a crime; possible suicide by cop attempt
  • 28 eb from cascade – black pickup weaving into oncoming traffic almost caused collisions
  • river park, falls – disturbance
  • osthoff – smoke detector activated
  • n44xx shamrock rd – 88yo man fell, has back pain
  • 826 taylor pkwy – 78yo woman fell; unknown injuries
  • 11xx partridge run – co detector activated
  • 10xx n wisconsin dr – man in 50s has abdominal pain following stroke
  • rudy mahler park – 5yo girl stuck in swing
  • 36xx s 10th st – 9yo boy having asthma attack
  • 8xx n 10th st – 75yo woman has severe abdominal pain
  • 7xx n 37th st – 80yo woman weak, confused
  • pp & westridge dr – injured [deer?]
  • kwik trip, oostburg – man in 40s with spinal fusions has back pain, can’t feel legs
  • wisconsin ave, oostburg – man in 20s unconscious, not breathing
  • aurora – woman in 30s with postpartum dic, organ failure needs transport to st luke’s
  • c & bluebird ln – man in 20s on bus having seizure
  • 7xx pine st, falls – male teen has elevated heart rate
  • lakeland university – smoke detector activated
  • 9xx n 5th st – woman in 40s found unconscious in back yard, unknown if breathing
  • advanced pain mgmt – man in 50s has chest pain
  • 19xx tall grass lane-male fell and is not completely alert
  • 24xx south 8th-lift assist
  • 27xx georgia- accidental injury to an infant
  • cedar grove – male caller stating he has a knife and is going to commit a crime. Possible suicide by cop attempt
  • 15xx South 14th-9 y/o male experiencing a seizure
  • 28 NB from S black for ranger can’t maintain its lane, going about 50 mph
  • osthoff-fire alarm activated.
  • Falls- welfare check. The person was found at whistling straights. No further info at this time
12th September 2023
  • 1716 geele ave – woman feels seizure coming on
  • 27xx n 27th st – smell of burning plastic
  • terrace place – 94yo woman has back pain, can’t communicate problem
  • 1xx s 1st st, oostburg – 71yo man fell
  • tower ct – domestic disturbance
  • w & oo – car vs deer
  • w near 57 – caller’s [father?] jumped out of moving vehicle, is walking eb
  • marsh park – theft of kayak from truck
  • 23 & c – vehicle was eb in wb lanes, corrected, continued eb
  • 110 amherst ave – woman in 50s has numb arms, trouble breathing
  • 43 sb > 28 – accident
  • n32xx hwy 32 – 92yo man having possible stroke
11th September 2023
  • pilgrim rd – water flow alarms activated
  • fd station 2 asked to stage at station for incident at 24xx s 17th st
  • 2xx milwaukee ave, cascade – 2mo boy has severe rectal bleeding
  • terrace place – 93yo woman fell, has hip pain
  • 9xx indiana ave – cops request ems emergent for male who isn’t responding
  • lakeland university – smoke detector activated
  • super 8 – woman in 40s fell
  • 24xx n 26th st – male fell in bedroom, reported by medical alarm company; unknown injuries
  • ? – male stumbling around in parking lot, jumping [on?] his vehicle, waving arms
  • 31xx n 27th st – check welfare of woman in 40s who was behaving strangely when caller returned dog
  • 23 & 32 – black smoke visible
  • 1xx highland ave, falls – 71yo woman has bell’s palsy, vertigo
  • 16xx hedgestone ln – 81yo man ill, feels faint
  • 1419 iIllinois ave – fire alarm activated in elevator
  • 55xx cth j – 91yo woman fell in kitchen, hit head, elbow
  • 4xx n highland ave – “labor and delivery situation
  • 916 e clifford st – woman in 40s has kidney infection
  • 32 & mm – accident with injuries
  • aurora er – 89yo man with multiple spinal fractures, brain bleed needs transport to froedtert
  • urgent care, kiley way – 16mo girl has low o2
7th September 2023
  • 22xx n 38th st – gas main leaking
  • 2xx forest blvd – woman in 50s vomiting, not breathing normally
  • st nick’s er – man in 50s with subarachnoid hemorrhage needs transport to st vincent
  • bp, plymouth? – gas drive-off
  • winship cir – woman in 60s ill
  • ? – disturbance; caller’s nephew ripped door off
  • 40th st & marquette cir – deputy? requested to take person into custody
  • 28 – disturbance heard over open 911 line; female refuses to answer questions
  • 1202 n 31st st – woman in 20s nauseated, vomiting
  • 12xx n 5th st – cops on welfare check request fd to gain entry
  • 144 – animal complaint; victim’s at home
  • 67 & woodland rd – accident
  • 10xx woodlake rd – 79yo man fell earlier, is having trouble moving around
  • 38xx s 17th pl – woman in 60s not responding
  • 10th st & north ave – vehicle vs bicycle; man in 50s injured, serious bleeding from head
  • 43 sb from 23 – male in red dodge drinking whiskey; other people in vehicle
  • union ave, cedar grove – citizen found wallet with lots of cash, turned it in
  • 24xx s 18th st – fire alarm audible
  • union ave & business dr – accident
  • 909 ontario ave – man in 60s fell earlier, has hand pain
  • st nick’s – sheboygan med 1851 en route with male, age & identity unknown, was conscious, confused, pupils blown, thought to have brain bleed, now has pulseless electrical activity of varying rates, blood sugar of 251, cpr in progress, epi x3
  • n 6th st – woman in 40s unconscious, not breathing
6th September 2023
  • ? hospital – paddy wagon responding to sally port
  • sheboygan paper box – man in 50s collapsed in lunch room, was foaming at mouth, starting to wake up
  • area of 1031 maryland ave – screaming, automated phone message asking for fd
  • 10xx happy ln – dog bite
  • 916 huron ave – diabetic woman shaking, “out of it”
  • 10xx reed st – girl refuses to go home
  • w73xx cth s – man in 30s fell, is bleeding from head, not completely alert; reported by 3rd party
  • 916 huron ave – 70yo woman fell from bed, has cast, can’t get up
  • hardee’s, 42 – deputies request ems to evaluate female
  • s river blvd – man got surgical bandages wet, needs to have them changed
  • area of 42 & 40th st – physical disturbance in vehicle; she says he’s trafficking her, refuses to get out of car; he wants her to leave
  • 3xx bleyer dr – man in 50s was hiking, “tweaked” artifical leg, leg area swollen
  • w80xx center rd, glenbeulah – 80yo man ill, having trouble standing
  • [earlier] 23 & 43 – black car with dent forcing other vehicles off road
  • [5:35] 5xx wild goose ln – 70yo man has abdominal pain, isn’t acting right
  • [5:30] 4335 liberty ct – woman in 40s weak, vomiting, has chest pain
  • 16xx s 24th st – strong smell of smoke, gas; outlet black
  • [4:46] wisconsin ave & 14th st – accident with injuries
  • [earlier] 13xx maryland ave – fighting dog bit woman in 40s
  • [4:30] tommy’s bar – fire alarm activated
  • 447 2nd st, random lake – man in 20s vomiting in pub
  • 3xx n highland ave – 83yo man fell
  • n 36th st – drunk woman needs detox
  • 2119 erie ave – 72yo woman fell
28th August 2023
  • 9xx eastern ave – 77yo woman having fainting spells
  • 21xx n 19th st – 79yo man fell
  • 909 ontario ave – woman in 50s has migraine, nausea
  • 25xx n 15th st – private ambulance call, couldn’t hear
  • 43 sb north of 131 mm – deputy out with disabled vehicle requests backup to move traffic over; they were almost sideswiped a few times
  • 5xx reed st – child fell into lawnmower; caller requested ambulance without giving reason then hung up. dad left for hospital with child, witness still on scene
  • 0xx hwy 144 – woman in 60s unresponsive with snoring resps, eyes open
  • end park – man in 60s collapsed
  • 8xx s 14th st – woman in 50s bleeding from tick on arm
  • 43 sb from manitowoc – speeding orange civic passing on shoulder
  • 43 sb from 23 – van & suv tailgating caller
  • 22xx n 8th st – man in 60s fell on porch; unknown injuries
  • walmart, plymouth – theft of $2000 worth of orange [rhymes with ice?]
  • sheboygan rifle, rowe rd – grass fire on berm
  • 19xx s 8th st – woman in 40s having trouble breathing
  • random lake – disturbance
  • 57 sb & f – grass fire in ditch
  • 23xx camelot blvd – medical alarm activated
  • 4xx e main st – previous burglary
  • 13xx s 11th st – woman in 40s having trouble breathing
  • n17xx cth i – field on fire; controlled burn from last night reignited
  • 7xx eastern ave – co detector activated
  • w57xx weber rd – automatic crash notification activated
  • area of taco bell, plymouth – check welfare of female wearing heavy coat who’s in traffic
  • ? – deputies clearing house?
  • 34xx eisner ct – woman in 20s fell down stairs, injured ankle
  • kiwanis park – man in 60s in beer garden has unknown medical problem
  • 14xx forsyth st – person pnb
  • road america – ems requested; unknown injuries
  • 1xx redtail dr – 75yo woman sick
  • 13xx n 49th st – ems asked to stage; male teen tried to cut caller with butcher knife, locked self in room
  • 17xx s 14th st – man in 50s has chest pain
  • bluff ave & 10th st – box? set on fire by fireworks
  • 4xx broadway st – man in 50s not responding appropriately
  • 25xx n 15th st – man in 50s fell, is bleeding from head, has cardiac problem
  • division ave & 15th st – male unconscious on sidewalk
  • 826 taylor pkwy – 98yo woman fell in bathroom; minor injuries
  • texas roadhouse – woman in 60s dizzy, pale, arms hurt, not breathing normally
  • [yesterday] 4xx crestwood dr – possible drugs
  • [1:22] ? – check welfare of pre-teen who’s hiding from dad, [said something to caller about?] anger management
  • 4221 cherrywood ct – woman having possible stroke
  • 4xx pine st – tree, power lines on fire
  • shores of sheboygan – woman’s water blister draining
  • plymouth – hit & run? vs little free library
  • 31xx n 11th st – man in 30s who can’t walk has abdominal pain
  • w29xx cth c – smoke visible in woods
  • plymouth – bikes [motorcycles?] about to go through town with police escort
  • [4:12] menards – theft in progress; male ? in cart, stuffing things in pockets, another male involved [4:19] plate of black town & country goes back to manitowoc [4:29] both detained
  • 8xx s 16th? st – man in 50s fainted from pain following hip replacement
  • 16xx settlement tr – 83yo woman fell
  • sunny ridge – 70yo man was assaulted earlier, “now” has head injury
  • 31xx lisa ave – 88yo man can’t get out of chair; possible dislocated knee
25th August 2023
  • Delayed call for safety: 39xx Saemann ave-multiple deputies have the property surrounded, the building is lit up by spotlights, EMS asked to stage. EMS was told they could clear. Emergency radio traffic is clear. No further info at this time.
  • 39xx saemann ave Ems request to stage per deputys on scene
  • w40xx cth n – 81yo man has chest, abdominal pain
  • 39xx saemann ave – ems asked to stage
  • n19xx silver creek-cascade rd – smoke detector activated
  • salvation army – woman in 40s vomiting blood, has appendix problem
  • st nick’s – pull station activated
  • 11xx cherry ln – 74yo woman has possible co poisoning
  • 28 nb from sss – vehicle swerving into oncoming traffic
  • shores of sheboygan – 75yo woman unconscious
  • [17th st & st clair ave?] – k9 requested [for purple ford pickup reported on 43 nb?]
  • 41xx hazelnut ct – 77yo woman weak, ill
  • 1xx milwaukee ave, cascade – 71yo woman vomiting, dehydrated, not completely alert
  • 23 & 32 – jeep patriot [made contact?], got onto 43 in unknown direction
  • 22xx mill rd – 93yo man fell
  • 25xx n 15th st – man in 50s fell, injured head
  • n47xx hwy 32 – 73yo man can’t get out of chair
  • 4228 kadlec dr – 82yo woman fell, bonked head
  • 6xx s 27th st – 77yo man fell, injured arm
  • 909 ontario ave – woman stuck in elevator
  • aurora, plankview green – 80yo woman stung by insect; epi-pen administered
  • milwaukee st – 10yo boy running away from mom
  • sunset hills – 80yo man having cardiac problem
24th August 2023
  • that place on 8th – man in 50s cut wrist
  • 17xx n 13th st – 1yo boy had febrile seizure
  • 919 wisconsin ave – woman stuck between toilet & bathtub
  • pick n save, 25th st – water flow alarm activated
  • taylor dr & wilgus ave – automatic crash notification activated
  • king park – 3 people without life jackets were floating into lake, appear to be coming back
  • 7xx pine st – woman in 30s has back pain
  • n78xx lakeside park rd – fire alarm activated
  • mead library – man in 60s can’t move legs
  • 23 west of 32 – [accident?]
  • 8xx 1st st, random lake – smoke detector activated
  • oshkosh cold storage – fire alarm activated
  • 25xx n 15th st – man in 50s has possible broken ribs
  • plymouth – hit & run
  • 15xx s 17th st – 89yo woman not responding
  • 6xx south st – 71yo woman in bathtub has low bp, feels faint
  • morningside – woman in 60s fell in dining room, has ? pain
  • 4228 kadlec dr – woman needs transport for multiple falls
  • acuity – vehicle in pond
  • w32xx cth mm – woman in 40s with back injury collapsed
  • 14xx erie ave – woman in 60s fell; legs weak
  • 3xx timberlake rd – man having seizure
  • 60xx s business dr – semis running into power lines that were knocked down by truck
  • najacht rd – deputy saying something about an uncooperative person
  • 23xx n 30th st – 72yo man fell
  • aurora, plymouth – 92yo woman has hypertension, tachycardia
  • ella’s dela – woman in 20s collapsed
  • 2xx meadows ave, cedar grove – man in 60s has racing heart, pulse of 107 [sic]
  • bp, 14th st & indiana ave – pd requests ems for male who’s on something
  • shores of sheboygan – 75yo woman has edema, increased confusion
  • 14xx meadow ln – woman in 50s has severe headache
  • 12xx n 14th st – woman in 20s having trouble breathing following surgery
  • w17xx garton rd – 78yo woman has high bp, [sensation?] on face, etc
  • meadowview manor – 76yo woman has headache, body aches
  • 9xx alabama ave – 93yo man dizzy
  • 4xx n highland ave – fire alarm audible
  • carpenter st south of clifford st – cops request ems to check out male
  • 13xx geele ave – “patient location to follow”
  • 4249 honeysuckle ct – possible co poisoning
  • 910 n 10th st – woman in 60s unconscious
22th August 2023
  • 16xx n 13th st – car vs man in 30s
  • 18xx sunset dr – woman had seizure, fell
  • 20xx s 8th st – woman in 50s fell
  • 5th st & geele ave – fluid spill
  • blackfoot tr – man having seizure
  • vollrath park – person burned by food truck fire, 18%
  • 909 ontario ave – woman in 50s having trouble breathing
  • west of 43 & 111 mm – fire visible?
  • 4xx n highland ave – man in 30s having problem with medical equipment
  • [43?] – backup requested [at traffic stop?]; bad driving was reported
  • road america – ems requested non-emergent
  • [2:43] river park, falls – 2 shady-looking older males on bridge; 1 was shirtless
  • 611 n water st – woman having mental episode
  • 42 & garton rd – motorcycle accident
  • wilson ave – man in 60s unconscious, not breathing
  • paragon – woman in 50s fell, bonked head
  • 4228 kadlec dr – woman in 80s fell, injured wrist, hip
  • s 11th pl – drunk woman needs detox
  • [12:17] e main st, plymouth – diabetic woman dizzy
  • [earlier] falls pd – woman wants to talk to cop about something she found in her attic
  • [11:11] 5xx s pleasant view rd – 73yo woman ill
  • 45xx prairie view road-female fell is unresponsive, possible stroke
  • 8th and ontario- fire alarm activation called in by 3rd party who is not on scene
  • 16xx? North 13th- 34 y/o male pedestrian hit by a vehicle.


* WHAT…Dangerously hot conditions with heat index values up to 110 possible.

* WHERE…Portions of east central, south central and southeast Wisconsin.

* WHEN…From Wednesday morning through Thursday evening.

* IMPACTS…Extreme heat and humidity will significantly increase the potential for heat related illnesses, particularly for those working or participating in outdoor activities.

* ADDITIONAL DETAILS…Wednesday looks likely to be the hotter of the 2 days.


Monitor the latest forecasts and warnings for updates on this situation. Be prepared to drink plenty of fluids, stay in an air- conditioned room, stay out of the sun, and check up on relatives and neighbors.

Young children and pets should never be left unattended in vehicles under any circumstances. This is especially true during warm or hot weather when car interiors can reach lethal temperatures in a matter of minutes.

21th August 2023
  • 9xx broadway st – woman in 60s has severe kidney stone pain
  • 7xx acacia – 82yo woman almost fainted
  • 26xx camelot blvd – 73yo man unresponsive
  • 8xx tallgrass ln – 91yo woman fell in driveway, is bleeding from head
  • 13xx stahl rd – paraplegic man fell outside, rolled into ditch
  • azura – 86yo man weak, has low bp
  • hgt, oakland ave – man having seizure
  • starbucks, n 14th st – man in 60s vomiting
  • 18xx apple tree rd – woman in 60s fell twice last night, injured head, knee
  • 11xx clara ave – person unconscious, not breathing
  • 30xx s 19th st – 79yo man congested, doesn’t feel well
16th August 2023
  • dc – inmate having seizures
  • 12xx greystone dr – 72yo man having trouble breathing
  • 4xx n main st, falls – woman in 30s fell outside
  • 1xx n bruns ave – medical pendant activated
  • 611 n water st – woman in 60s has abdominal pain, vomiting
  • 1xx foxglove ln – man in 60s has fever following surgery
  • 1xx kay ave – woman in 60s dizzy, nauseated
  • 19xx n 22nd st – 70yo woman has chest pain, trouble breathing
  • 11xx kentucky ave – truck on fire in alley
  • a west & z – motorcycle accident; male teen unconscious
  • 13xx n 47th st – co detector activated
  • 10xx michigan ave – man in 50s has chest pain
  • 24xx geele ave – 79yo woman unconscious
  • bluff ave – possible verbal disturbance
  • 5xx s pleasant view rd – ems paged for 91yo woman, reason not given
  • lakeshore rd – lorazepam od
  • w27xx cth c – 87yo man fell in bathroom
  • w49xx cth eh – theft of [beam?]
  • 17th st & erie ave – accident with injuries
  • masters gallery – pull station activated in lobby
  • 3xx cth rr – 71yo man in & out of consciousness
  • prevea, woodlake – woman in 60s having anaphylactic reaction to bee sting on tongue
  • 1xx e mill st – male teen has abdominal pain
  • area of shuff’s – accident with injuries
  • [ozaukee – abduction of male?]
  • 7xx grand ave – man in 50s fell in shower
  • dc – inmate having seizure
  • 8xx south st – man in 40s has chest pain, trouble breathing, blurred vision
  • rocky knoll – 87yo man fell, bonked head
  • 3903 heather valley rd – 82yo woman weak
  • 15xx n 25th st – 86yo woman fell in bathroom
  • sheboygan clinic – 81yo man has chest pain
  • 24xx n 6th st – 83yo man unconscious, dizzy [sic]
  • j & oj – loose horse
  • 36xx n 21st st – 73yo woman achy, coughing
11th August 2023
  • 22xx? s 14th st – male hospice patient fel
  • oshkosh cold storage, pp – fire alarm activated
  • 154xx frost ln – smoke detector activated
  • cedar grove gardens – man in 60s dizzy, has low bp
  • 26xx creekview ct – 82yo woman fell in driveway, injured head
  • terrace place – 75yo woman has chest pain, pulse of 48
  • 12xx reed st – 76yo man having trouble breathing
  • 14th st & illinois ave – cops request ems for male who’s having panic attack, may have been assaulted
  • [8:39] oakdale ct – person trying and failing to light grill; flames high
  • plymouth – neighbor cut down caller’s bushes
  • 9xx broadway ave – woman in 40s has abdominal pain, vomiting
  • 6xx fairway dr – medical alarm activated
  • 16xx wilson ave – 74yo woman hemorrhaging
  • 38xx heather valley rd – 86yo woman unresponsive
  • 4325 morning view ct – man in 40s has abdominal pain following kidney stone procedure?
  • 43 sb near oostburg – road rage
  • 10xx weeden creek rd – pill, alcohol od; ems asked to stage
  • 2201 erie ave – 77yo woman fell out of wheelchair, is bleeding from hand
  • 4219 autumn ct – woman in 20s lightheaded, having trouble breathing, left arm tingling
  • 12:35] 43 nb & pp – vehicle on fire
  • [12:26] area of horace mann ms – female unresponsive; mental problem?
  • kohl’s – fire alarm activated
  • meijer – woman in 30s having palpitations, trouble breathing
  • 54xx superior ave – man in 60s feels faint
  • 11xx n 11th st – 91yo woman fell, injured head
  • readings are zero. FD letting home owners back inside
  • 7xx north 25th-station 3 battalion 18 and engine 1 responding for the smell of natural gas
  • I’m still here. A few traffic stops but all in all, nothing going on. Ill be here till 2 or 3 am.
  • I43 at the 120mm-depot requested for a vehicle tow back to Manitowoc
  • best buy – previous theft
  • 13xx n 12th st – 70yo woman isn’t alert
  • butler ? – tree down in roadway
10th August 2023
  • 2xx edna st – woman had seizure, bonked head
  • 32 & woodland rd – free hay bales
  • planet fitness, s taylor dr – male teen was assaulted by 2 people, has head injury
  • 2625 old park rd – man in 30s fell from bicycle, has leg pain
  • 45xx douglas fir ln – 72yo man fell last night, bonked head, is having trouble speaking
  • 27xx ? savannah cir – 84yo man fell earlier, has hip pain
  • 57 & v – accident
  • 4139 cherrywood ct – 70yo woman fell outside, isn’t completely alert
  • bemis plant f – man in 60s unresponsive
  • 1xx tower dr – man in 40s unconscious, not breathing
  • 11xx s 10th st – woman in 30s weak, dizzy, sick, has abdominal pain
  • 12xx eastern ave – 90yo woman having trouble breathing
  • [11:44] 3903 heather valley rd – 83yo woman fell, bonked head
  • [11:40] 8xx huron ave – male fell off metro bus
  • [earlier] 19xx arizona ave – man has blood sugar of 58, doesn’t feel well
  • 3612 erie ave – 13yo boy fell at orthodontist; may have fainted
  • terrace place – 74yo man fell yesterday, has ankle pain
9th August 2023
  • 512 madison ave, howards grove – male fell in roadway
  • kmci – 30yo man has chest pain
  • 639 monroe st – cop requests ems for male with gout, arm lacs
  • 12xx parkwood blvd – woman in 20s has chest pain
  • 23 eb & 42 – smoke coming from vehicle’s exhaust
  • pick n save, 25th st – woman in 50s pale, falling over
  • 43? & 28 – accident on ramp?
  • fireman’s park – accident
  • 43 & amsterdam rd – rollover
  • 55xx cth j – 90yo woman fell earlier, can’t walk
  • 14xx eisner ave – fire alarm activated, power out?
  • ? east of willow rd – car vs deer
  • 7xx n 7th st – fire alarm activated
  • 57 & j – accident with injuries
  • 16xx sauk trail rd – 73yo woman collapsed
  • highland ave, falls – woman in 60s vomiting, weak

8th August 2023

  • sheboygan clinic – woman in 40s having allergic reaction in allergy clinic
  • fdl ave – previous hit & run being reported at pd
  • w76xx plank rd – woman with dementia weak, can’t get out of vehicle
  • compassionate care animal clinic, elkhart lake – burning smell inside
  • cedar grove gardens – man with dementia has side pain, isn’t following directions
  • 3124 s business dr – woman about to have seizure
  • 12xx reed st – 79yo woman has gi bleed
  • 9xx n 37th st – woman in 30s has pre-eclampsia, abdominal pain
  • 3212 saemann ave – 81yo woman fell out of bed, bonked head
  • 13xx heermann ct – man in 70s fell, hit head, is unconscious, unknown if breathing
  • shores of sheboygan – 90yo man has blood on face; possible nosebleed
  • 1238 geele ave – medical alarm activated
  • 19xx maple tree rd – man having reaction to meds
  • 1501 indiana ave – 73yo? man passed out, bonked head, is changing color
  • 3xx s pleasant view rd – fire alarm activated
  • 31xx n 11th st – man in 30s with tbi fell, cut head
  • superior liquor, s 8th st – man in 60s wants ambulance
  • 3129 michigan ave – resident fell, cut head
  • 48xx connemara ct – 82yo man sick, can’t keep anything down
  • [42 & mill rd?] – 1 in custody; may be from vehicle that wasn’t pulling over
  • [6:13] anytime fitness, plymouth – dog in vehicle with windows rolled up appears to be in distress
  • 22xx n 8th st – man in 60s fell
  • 6xx pine st – man in 50s dizzy
  • eastern ave – restraining order violation
  • 22xx n 8th st – man in 60s down
  • cherry ln – 76yo woman weak, dehydrated, having trouble breathing
  • 14xx n 30th st – man in 60s fell
  • 7th st & st clair ave – car vs pedestrian; 20yo man unconscious
  • 43 & v – wood shaving pile on fire
  • 23 – special needs son throwing things
  • 24xx park pl – 89yo woman cold, confused, has swollen legs
  • 12xx trimberger ct – man in 60s unconscious
  • aurora, plymouth – man in 50s has fever, low bp, low o2, tachycardia, trouble breathing
  • brusse rd – theft
  • great lakes cheese – water flow alarm activated
  • 22xx fairfield ln – room on fire, possibly from light fixture
  • [earlier] urgent care, kmd – person in anaphylactic shock
  • [earlier] oostburg > 43 nb – car vs deer
  • [earlier] 4xx e 1st st [waldo?] – previous tenants locked garage with [caller’s?] vehicles in it; ongoing problem
6th August 2023
  • 19xx n 27th st – people fell during group hug; man in 30s who was fallen on having trouble breathing
  • 15xx falcon way – man in 30s has severe abdominal pain
  • area of bluebird ln – pedestrian vomiting
  • 8xx indiana ave – fluid spill; truck stuck on rock
  • eastern ave & mill st – accident
  • western ave, plymouth – car vs tree; driver left note saying they’d be back
  • union ave & lakeshore dr – male in lake with life vest trying to pull jet ski against current appears to be in distress
  • cedar grove gardens – 75yo man shaking, vomiting, not completely alert
  • walmart, plymouth – assault; victim was sprayed in face with wasp spray
  • 9th st & superior ave – ems asked to stage
  • [last night] 4xx franzen st – theft; caller’s daughter’s drunk bf took money, drove away
  • city club, plymouth – 10mo girl having seizure
  • [green valley?] ln – damage to church windows
  • walmart south – woman in 30s unconscious with snoring resps
  • 3809 heather valley rd – woman in 40s fell; possible broken ankle
  • [3:36] taylor dr & wilgus ave – man in 70s fell in roadway, injured head
  • [earlier] kwik trip, oostburg – woman in 20s fainted, is pale
  • elkhart lake boat landing – previous disturbance
  • [3:10] 26xx enterprise dr – fire alarm activated
  • 12th st & michigan ave – male in running vehicle not responding
  • [3:56] n 6th st, falls – theft of rake
  • 40xx s 12th pl – 93yo man has abdominal pain, vomiting, trouble breathing
  • aurora er – man in 30s with hydronephrosis needs transport to st luke’s
  • brookview ave, adell – man in 50s unconscious, not breathing
  • Flight For Life has landed on Froedtert Helipad
  • sheb falls kwik trip- 25 y/o male vomiting, out of it
  • Flight For Life is up, up, and away! Headed south!
  • Flight For Life is up up and away, headed to Road America! 15 minutes ETA Landing zone set up north side of the property near gate 6 in between some shops.
  • Road America Gate 6-male fell approx 20 feet off of a tower and has a possible back injury. oc requesting dispatch check on the availability of helicopters
  • Flight For Life is available and is being paged. Elkhart Lake Fire Dept being paged to set up a landing zone
  • 105 duey lane-appliance fire, air conditioner drew to much power from outlet causing a fire. The fire should be out. still requesting fd to verify
  • 22xx north 8th-male fell from bed
  • 1xx pleasant street- male with COPD having difficulty breathing
  • 57nb from gerber lake road-pickup truck swerving all over
  • 832 north 6th street-female requesting lift assist
  • sunny ridge-female possible bowel obstruction
  • 19xx North 27th-male in 30’s fell, and then several people fell on him during group hug causing him to have trouble breathing
  • 15xx falcon way-male experiencing severe abdominal pain
  • C and bluebird-Check welfare of male was bent over vomiting now walking eastbound in the westbound lanes
  • 811 indiana ave-PD requesting FD for a fluid spill after a truck in stuck on a rock
5th August 2023
  • osthoff – woman in 60s fell; possible broken wrist
  • 1xx e shore dr – 70yo woman having trouble breathing
  • the oscars – smoke detector activated, basement elevator
  • 11xx union ave – 76yo man fell
  • 15xx john ct – woman in 50s forgot to take meds, has racing heart, sweating
  • 3505 cth y – 73yo man having trouble breathing
  • [yesterday] falls – cops talking about getting still photos of people buying alcohol; female was identified that way
  • 1338 n taylor dr – man in 20s has chest pain
  • 832 n 6th st – 79yo man has vision problem
  • vista care, manor pkwy – man in 50s fell
  • taverne on woodlake – woman fell on patio
  • w56xx cth j – 85yo woman has chest pain, trouble breathing
  • road america – man having possible seizure
4th August 2023
  • 57 south of knuth rd – tree down
  • omer st – tree down across roadway
  • alder ct, falls – 85yo woman needs help getting cat out of ceiling light
  • pp & masters gallery – accident?
  • sheboygan clinic – 72yo woman has elevated heart rate
  • n56xx willow rd – woman in 20s has back pain
  • shores of sheboygan – woman having seizure
  • amsterdam beach – cedar grove requested with zodiac to identify something
  • ff & glacial ct – transformer blew
  • 505 s water st – water flow alarm activated
  • songbird pond – 98yo woman not acting right, slumped over, turning blue
  • 7xx n franklin st – tree down on wires
  • hammann rd & golf course rd – tree on wires, smoking
  • ? – man in 70s unconscious
  • w65xx shoreland rd – tree down on wires, car
  • w58xx cth a north – tree down on wires, on fire
  • wade house – fire alarm activated
  • severe t-storm warning for south county until 8
  • elkhart lake fd – plymouth, howards grove requested
  • 4 road hazards in elkhart lake, 1 at little elkhart lake rd & keystone rd; tree down on bridge? near lima/holland
  • elkhart lake schools – wires down
  • severe t-storm warning for fdl, west sheboygan county until 7:30
  • plymouth high – vehicle stuck on fire hydrant
  • 37xx erie ave – wires sparking
  • severe t-storm warning for sheboygan county until 7:15
  • severe t-storm warning for sw manitowoc county until 6:30; moving south from cleveland, torrential rainfall, penny sized hail
  • 13xx n 11th st – 1yo unconscious, not breathing
  • st vinnie’s, plymouth – fire alarm activated
  • 40xx hwy 42 – smoke visible
  • 12xx n 30th st – co detector activated
  • road america – man in 30s having trouble breathing
  • 12xx n 12th st – man in 50s bleeding from wound with maggots in it
  • r store, plymouth – woman having panic attack in vehicle
  • taco bell [plymouth?] – disturbance
  • 10xx michigan ave – woman in 30s has swollen leg
  • 916 e clifford st – woman in 40s having possible stroke
  • orchard rd & dairyland dr – fire in straw field
  • 3505 cth y – man in 60s fell yesterday, today, bonked head
3rd August 2023
  • aurora – 18mo with burns to face, back, chest needs transport to children’s
  • w54xx cth j – woman in 90s unconscious, not breathing
  • 1xx hickory dr, cedar grove – riding mower on fire 10′ from structure
  • target – retail theft, >$500; female left in black dodge ram out of il
  • 43 & mm – ford flex going >100
  • 2xx s pleasant view rd – 76yo woman fell in bathroom; unknown injuries
  • trinity lutheran, n 9th st – man in 50s fell outside, is bleeding from head
  • 505 s water st – man in 60s has chest, right shoulder pain
  • 4xx n highland ave – woman in 30s has chills, fever
  • 10xx clara ave – possible od
  • 43 sb from 137 mm – dodge ram road-raging
  • area of masters gallery – car vs deer
2nd August 2023
  • aurora er – [2yo?] male with [malaise?], fatigue needs transport to children’s
  • camp anokijig – 14yo boy fell from horse, injured arm
  • terrace place – 90yo woman having possible stroke
  • 6xx wisconsin ave, oostburg – 88yo woman has racing heart
  • 8xx s cypress, falls – man in 30s unconscious with agonal breathing
  • 10xx n 12th st – structure fire
  • toro – disorderly conduct; employee terminated
  • 10xx n 12th st – ems asked to stage
  • dc – inmate has possible broken wrist
  • ? – motorcycle wiped out on roundabout, left [8:18] wiped out again at 32 & pinehurst dr
  • 5xx s wisconsin dr – woman in 60s fell; possible broken ankle
  • 3515 n 10th st – 75yo woman having trouble breathing
  • 35xx eisner ct – 5yo boy fell off bike, hit head, neck, is vomiting, having trouble breathing
  • 2724 kmd – 75yo man having possible stroke
  • wells fargo, calumet dr – elevator stuck; unknown if occupied
  • 8xx illinois ave [oostburg?] – accident
  • rocky knoll – 82yo man having trouble breathing
  • 1338 n taylor dr – person unconscious, not breathing
  • vista care, manor pkwy – man in 50s fell; unknown injuries
  • aurora – man in 50s with skull fracture, superior orbital fracture needs transport to froedtert
  • 15xx john ct – woman in 50s numb, having trouble breathing, not completely alert
  • 10th st & superior ave – accident with injuries
  • fudgieknuckles – man with parkinson’s collapsed, isn’t completely alert
  • 8th st & indiana ave – vehicle vs bicycle; unknown injuries
  • [earlier] 11xx michigan ave – cops request fd with ladder truck
  • [earlier] quarry – male teen dislocated knee, was brought out of water by lifeguard
  • [12:21] 14xx heermann ct? – man in 50s dizzy, sweating profusely
  • elkhart lake – brush fire
  • 14th st & erie ave – accident with injuries
  • pine haven, haven dr – man with dementia doesn’t want to go inside
  • ? – deputy wants 3 screens for hit & run crashes [cedar grove, yellow paint transfer?]
  • n 15th st – woman in 50s unconscious, not breathing
  • st vincent – woman in 60s with brain bleed, pelvic fracture needs transport to mke; wearing helmet, has trach
  • hair & flair, n 8th st – 80yo man semiconscious
  • 57 sb from w – suv going 100
  • farnsworth ms – smoke detector activated
  • 18xx erie ave – male down in grass
  • [yesterday] 6xx wilson ave, falls – caller’s ex-gf stole things
  • [yesterday] river oaks dr – caller thinks they’re being tracked with air tag
  • w67xx cth z – man with cancer fell last night, hurts all over
  • ? – pigs in caller’s yard
  • 57 & pp – minivan in ditch; was nb in sb lanes
  • 16xx sandstone ln – woman in 60s panicked, confused, has right shoulder pain
  • ? – vehicle vs goose; tow truck’s eta is 45 minutes
  • urgent care, kiley way – man having possible stroke
31th July 2023
  • prairie crossing – 80yo woman fell, bonked head, has hip pain
  • weeden creek rd – …? window, kicked in door
  • 9th st & new york ave – cops request ems for person with hand, eye socket pain
  • n79xx little elkhart lake rd – 70yo woman fell, isn’t completely alert
  • falls – cops trying to track down kids who were jumping in river
  • 13xx n 11th st – man in 30s has vertigo, vomiting
  • 25xx n 20th st – male teen having seizure
  • 22xx [unintelligible] – 88yo man fell, broke arm
  • 16xx maple tree ct – woman having possible diabetic problem
  • 24xx n 24th st – fire alarm activated
  • 915 broadway st – 71yo woman fell
  • n highland ave – 91yo woman fell in parking lot
  • heritage school, s 8th st – fire alarm activated
  • 57 nb from n – car going >100
  • random lake fd – male fainted, fell
  • 6xx bell ave – 70yo man septic, delusional, may become combative
  • 6xx upper rd – 90yo man unconscious
  • ? hospital – person who weighs 17.6 kilos needs transport, something about a sodium infusion
  • weber’s – accident
  • shores of sheboygan – man with dementia walking away wb, combative
  • 23 west of meadowlark rd – woman in 50s crashed bike on trail, is unconscious
  • sunny ridge – woman has chest pain
  • aurora, plymouth – man in 50s has chest tightness, trouble breathing
  • 14xx n 29th st – wires arcing in tree
  • walmart, plymouth – man in 60s fell, bonked head
  • aurora er – man in 30s on vent, propofol, etc needs transport to grafton
30th July 2023
  • aurora er – man in 30s on vent, propofol, etc needs transport to grafton
  • n7353 spring st, calumet – structure fire, 3rd alarm; greenbush, elkhart lake, plymouth requested
  • 17xx s 13th st – 78yo man fell, is injured
  • center ave? & water st – male crashed electric scooter, was bleeding from eye, walked away
  • 25xx n 25th st – man having seizure
  • w44xx cth ff – woman in 40s unconscious
  • 4xx n highland ave – woman in 3rd trimester weak, having trouble standing
  • aurora – man in 50s with 10mm subdural head bleed needs transport to st luke’s
  • russell dr – vehicle’s window smashed, wallet stolen
  • 12xx broadway ave – woman in 40s unconscious
  • road america gate 4 – accident
  • 7xx shelly dr – 90yo woman fell
  • road america – race red-flagged with 3 laps to go
  • plymouth rock – 72yo man tripped, fell
  • n13xx hwy 57, random lake – 76yo woman has back pain, feels faint
  • 67 & lando st – accident
  • old cth pp & monroe st – male teen has fish hook stuck in hand
  • 16xx n 12th st – woman in 40s has abdominal pain
  • 26xx pickett st – 75yo woman having possible stroke
  • main st & fdl ave – orange cross was flagged down at gas station, request 1st responders
  • random lake beach – verbal disturbance
  • 21xx wiemann ave – woman having diabetic problem
  • elkhart lake – verbal disturbance at boat landing
  • [south of waldo?] – disturbance on moving day; “no drinking, no weapons, no kids”
  • n83xx highview rd – man in 60s dizzy, lightheaded, not breathing normally
29th July 2023
  • 11xx michigan ave – cops request ems for male who was beaned with shot glass, is bleeding from head
  • 48xx venture dr – co detector activated
  • severe t-storm watch for sheboygan county from 21:22 until midnight
  • severe t-storm warning for fdl & dodge from 9:21-10:21
  • [6:25] 23 near glenbeulah – deputy on animal call requests high temps for today & yesterday
  • falls pd – hit & run complaint
  • 16xx superior ave – man having seizure
  • 10xx main ave – woman in 50s has chest pressure, trouble breathing
  • severe t-storm watch until midnight for neighboring counties
  • [3:50] citgo, cedar grove – deputy might see suspect from yesterday with a bike, covered up with clothing
  • songbird pond – 97yo woman shaking, nauseated, can’t walk
  • cedar bay – man in 70s having possible stroke
  • 11xx oakland ave – 85yo woman fell, isn’t completely alert
  • prevea, kohler – man in 60s has nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting
  • superior ave & 40th st – accident
  • sheboygan clinic – man in 30s in & out of consciousness; possible blood clot
  • [7:56] taylor park – cops request county for male who’s trespassing
  • [12:40] 7xx s pleasant view rd – woman in 50s unconscious, not breathing
  • falls – cops investigating previous disturbance
  • [12:09] w18xx cole rd – man in 50s fainted; possible heat exhaustion
  • 15xx s 19th st – co detector activated
  • mead library – man in 20s has headache
  • lakeland university – 15yo male having allergic reaction to bee sting
  • 14xx upper greystone dr – 74yo woman having possible stroke
  • forest ave, falls – male locked all his keys in a storage unit
  • tlc home, n 29th st – disturbance; caller claims to have hit by staff, cop is familiar with the situation
  • s & f – vehicle vs fence; woman in 40s swerved to avoid animal
  • 909 ontario ave – woman in 40s coughing, having trouble breathing
  • 24xx s 12th st – 70yo woman has back pain, isn’t completely alert
  • 2100 sunset dr – man unconscious in vehicle
  • kwik trip, sauk trail rd – woman in 30s spilled gas on self
  • 6xx hedgestone ln – woman in 50s unconscious
  • dc – male having seizures
  • superior ave – possible co poisoning
  • 19xx n 12th st – woman in 40s having trouble breathing
  • 14xx n 26th st – man in 50s has abdominal pain
  • aurora – flight’s landing in 6 minutes
  • progressive – 70yo woman has fever
  • 1133 Michigan ave-male had a shot glass hit his head
  • Miesfeld’s-Commercial CO alarm going off
  • The national weather service has issued a severe t-storm watch for Sheboygan county from 21:22 until midnight
25th July 2023
  • 5xx moraine dr – raccoon foaming at mouth
  • 4243 gateway dr – man in 20s having allergic reaction
  • johnsonville countryside plant – man in battery room lightheaded
  • 9th st & geele ave – woman’s leg gave out
  • 6xx pennsylvania ave – male slumped over wheel
  • 17xx n 1st st – co detector activated
  • 13xx w 1st st, waldo – woman has kidney stone
  • johnsonville way – man in 50s down in gym, lightheaded
  • methadone clinic, business dr – woman in withdrawal
  • n68xx willow rd – woman in 50s can’t move left arm, has chest pain, trouble breathing
  • terrace place – 91yo woman fell, needs ems
  • 4255 honeysuckle ct – fire alarm activated
  • e shore dr – physical disturbance
  • 38xx s 13th st – accident with fluid spill
  • 12xx st clair ave – man in 50s was unconscious
  • 17xx broadway ave – 76yo man weak
  • lighthouse ct – 82yo man has low o2, trouble breathing
  • clark rd – verbal disturbance
  • 8xx reed st – man in 60s having trouble breathing, can’t get up
  • Manitowoc County MABAS-structure fire at 9xx 4th street in kiel units to respond Elkhart Lake and Glenbulah fire
  • n33xx blueberry road-person has possible food poisoning
  • 12xx south 8th-3 smoke detectors going off.
  • 916 huron ave-female needs lift assist
  • 38xx erie ave-male having diabetic emergency
  • City requesting a K9 at 11th and Michigan. No further info at this time
  • 12xx st clair-male coughing and having trouble breathing
  • 18xx geele ave-kitchen fire is now out, smoke still in the house
  • 4255 honeysuckle court-fire alarm activated again
  • County- 1 in custody DUI
  • deputy en route to aurora for legal blood.
23th July 2023
  • 57 & a south – car vs deer
  • 19xx garfield ave – man in 60s stuck in lift recliner
  • 49 & hemp rd, fdl county – plane crash, minor injuries
  • area of alfred miley ave – male with ptsd took off from cops who were looking for him
  • 20xx s 8th st st – woman in 50s ill
  • weeden creek rd – tylenol od
  • 15xx s 13th st – female teen having trouble breathing
  • 0xx beechwood dr – neighbor sees person down inside, can’t get in
  • woodland rd & riverside ln – log in roadway
  • sly’s – woman in 60s lightheaded, has chest pain
  • 15xx john ct – woman in 50s having trouble breathing
  • 0xx lincoln ave – drunk guy delusional
  • 505 s water st – water flow alarm activated
  • tower ct, falls – cops request ems for female teen with minor head injury
  • n1xx boltonville rd – tree on fire
  • inn on woodlake – man possibly unconscious in room
  • 8xx new york ave, oostburg – 76yo woman fell
  • lakeshore dr & whitcomb ave – woman in 60s fell off bike, injured neck, isn’t completely alert
  • 22xx n 29th st – woman in 60s fell down c. 8 stairs, has hip pain
  • 3903 heather valley rd – 82yo woman fell, has back pain
  • 43 & town line rd – vehicle in median; little girl sticking head out window
22th July 2023
  • 6xx n franklin st – 85yo man having trouble breathing
  • 3129 michigan ave – 86yo man has internal bleeding, nausea
  • terrace place – 87yo woman unresponsive in dining room
  • n17xx nuestro rd – 77yo woman fell down stairs
  • w41xx cth jm – 93yo woman fell on deck
  • 1xx michigan ave (falls)-possible dementia crisis
  • osthoff-female fell near spa entrance
  • male is lying in roadway. deputies told to expedite.
  • 42 near Mueller road-check welfare of male sitting down
  • county- 1 in custody on a warrant, no further info.
  • In alley behind 15xx north 20th-person having a hard time breathing after disturbance.
  • 57 nb-red trail blazer swerving all over hitting the gravel
  • 19th and kohler memorial drive-deputy attempting a traffic stop on a black SUV. Asking for backup as vehicle behind him is also pulling over. possible DUI related
  • 3rd DUI
  • 1 female in custody DUI .181 PBT
  • Curt Joa-fire alarm activated
  • County-Another in custody DUI
  • osthoff – woman in 40s fell in spa area
  • michigan ave [oostburg?] – woman having possible dementia crisis
  • lombardi clinic – 70yo woman has chest tightness
  • 23 & 57 – hit & run, rear-end collision
  • oostburg – disorderly conduct
  • 15xx espy way – drunk guy fell, has head injury, trouble breathing
  • 3129 michigan ave – 82yo woman has severe leg pain
  • 2xx fallen oaks ln – fall detector activated
  • 1xx n 15th st, oostburg – 8mo boy having allergic reaction to peanut butter
  • 611 n water st – woman in 40s has facial injuries from assault; bf fled
  • 11xx edelweiss ln – man in 60s having trouble breathing, not making sense
  • 23 wb & c – silverado tailgating, brake checking, cutting people off
  • dairyland dr & garton rd – car vs deer
  • w65xx cth a south – man in 40s has chest pain, trouble breathing
  • 4xx madison ave, cascade – 87yo woman having trouble breathing, isn’t completely alert
  • harbor center marina – diabetic woman has leg weakness
  • 3901 heather valley rd – man with copd having trouble breathing
  • 2xx park st, falls – verbal disturbance
  • 2119 erie ave – man in 50s has back pain, trouble breathing
  • 27xx s 7th st st – man with cancer unconscious
21th July 2023
  • 8xx n 25th st – man with parkinson’s weak
  • 17xx n 38th st – 83yo man has swollen foot; possible gout
  • 10th st & center ave, oostburg – worker struck gas line
  • aurora – 28w pregnant woman with placenta previa needs transport to baycare
  • 9xx n 10th st – person in 30s unconscious, not breathing; cpr started
  • 2xx e mill st – man in 40s has chest, arm, abdominal pain
  • 23 & c – vehicle eb in wb lanes
  • mueller rd – previous disturbance
  • w18xx heathmor dr – disturbance; drunk guy left in dodge ram
  • 4xx madison ave, cascade – 81yo woman has severe abdominal pain, trouble breathing
  • western ave, plymouth – hit & run?
  • oak st, falls – male creating disturbance, throwing things
  • ? – car vs deer
  • road america – woman in 50s fell, cut knee
  • 11th st & superior ave – accident with injuries
  • the bull – really drunk guy trying to drive
  • dooley rd – fraud; theft of c. $20,000
  • 20xx new jersey ave – man in 60s having possible stroke
  • 19xx elm ave – man in 50s coughing, having trouble breathing
  • 6xx huron ave – 70yo woman weak, can’t move
  • w82xx cth s – 90yo man having trouble breathing
  • dc – male having seizures
  • 41xx oakdale ct – 75yo woman having trouble breathing
  • 23 wb & tt – accident
  • 933 n 8th st – man in 30s unconscious
  • 22xx s 8th st – man in 50s has chest pain, slurred speech, trouble breathing
  • [plymouth?] – disturbance
  • behavioral health – woman in 50s has chest pain
  • 2332 carmen ave – woman having seizure
  • dc – male having seizure
  • ? – vehicle nb in sb lanes
  • n16xx trout spring rd – 75yo man has back pain
  • 5xx western ave, random lake – man in 50s has severe back pain
  • hexion, s 24th st – water flow alarm activated
  • 11xx cherry ln – man in 60s fell earlier, is weak, has high bp
  • pine hills, superior ave – co detector activated
  • ll, lll closed until further notice
  • 4221 cherrywood ct – 81yo man fell
  • st nick’s – male being taken into custody?
  • 63xx s 12th st – co detector activated
20th July 2023
  • 13xx n 15th st – man with kidney disease hallucinating, has swollen abdomen
  • 44xx limerick? ln – man having back spasms
  • 20xx n 5th st – 83yo woman fell, injured hip, head
  • 47xx ridgeview ave – 80yo woman having possible stroke
  • 909 ontario ave – man in 60s has chest pain, vomiting
  • 23xx calumet dr – 86yo woman unresponsive
  • dc – inmate having seizure
  • taylor dr & erie ave – accident with injuries
  • 13xx jefferson ave – cops request ems for male with foot infection
  • 23 wb east of bridgewood rd – grass fire
  • 909 ontario ave – woman in 30s dizzy, hallucinating
  • 32 & kwik trip, falls – drive shaft fell out of vehicle
  • 4221 kadlec dr – 71yo woman has migraine, ?, blurred vision
  • aurora – man in 60s with cva needs transport to st luke’s
  • 19xx n 9th st – shed on fire 100′ from house
  • 43 nb? & garton rd – accident
  • shores of sheboygan – 70yo woman weak, isn’t acting right
  • 14xx erie ave – possible co poisoning
  • 15xx falcon way – man in 60s having possible stroke
  • w72xx cth u – 84yo man fell earlier, injured head, was just found
  • 22xx n 15th st – woman on 911 was having trouble breathing; call dropped
  • 6xx new york ave, oostburg – 87yo woman unconscious
  • 18xx elm ave – asthmatic woman can’t breathe
  • 620 st clair ave – medical alarm activated
  • 17xx n 28th st – medical alarm activated
  • plymouth – male who was on probation in custody
  • 6xx n 13th st – cops request ems for female who has headache from previous accident
  • 43 sb & 126 mm – car vs fawn
  • 16xx settlement tr – 83yo woman fell
  • 520 krier ln – man in 50s having trouble breathing, changing color
  • w63xx lake ellen dr – 76yo man having possible stroke
  • old wisconsin, weeden creek rd – woman in 40s dropped blade on foot, is bleeding, having trouble breathing
  • 2119 erie ave – man in 70s wants to go to hospital to detox
  • [river?] park, falls – assault
  • nemak, gateway dr – man in 20s having allergic reaction, trouble breathing
  • wisconsin aire motel – man in 20s vomiting, having trouble breathing
  • [57 nb?] – male clocked at 76 in a 45
14th July 2023
  • 19xx s 13th st – 7 or 70yo male having trouble breathing
  • ? – probable cause search of car
  • tt & falcon way – vehicle forced pedestrian off road; male has dislocated shoulder
  • elm ln, plymouth – 90yo man fell; unknown injuries
  • 3129 michigan ave – 74yo man with low blood sugar incoherent, combative
  • 3505 cth y – 73yo man being shocked by external defibrillator
  • area of plymouth park – large tree down on train tracks
  • w20xx fairfield ln – smoke detector activated
  • st nick’s er – woman in 30s with subarachnoid bleed needs transport to st vincent
  • 17xx n 13th st – motorcycle vs bicycle; woman in 60s injured knee, holding abdomen
  • n4xx stoney birch rd – 85yo man fell outside, injured leg, shoulder
  • [? – male with metal foreign body in upper arm?] needs transport
  • [yesterday] subway, eastern ave – person called, asked suspicious questions about staff
  • 5xx beth cir – disturbance in roadway
  • 32 & holland lima rd – accident with injuries
  • sheboygan clinic – woman in 40s dizzy, has high bp
  • cedar grove gardens – 70yo man fell, has back, head pain
  • prevea, saemann ave – woman in 60s has facial numbness, headache
  • holy family, manitowoc – woman in 30s with sepsis, renal failure needs transport to froedtert
  • 43 sb north of v – free cages
  • 3903 heather valley rd – 82yo woman fell
  • johnny’s bike shop, michigan ave – 73yo man twisted ankle
  • kwik trip, oostburg – man in 40s has abdominal pain
  • gables on the pond – 98yo woman was choking on food
13th July 2023
  • 19xx Garfield ave-20 y/o male weak and dizzy
  • phillip drive-teenager unable to move 1 side of her body
  • 6xx huron ave- elderly female is confused, not making sense.
  • OC emergent transport from Aurora Sheboygan to Childrens for a 16 y/o female possible stroke.
  • county-Driver swerved to miss a deer and is wayyyyy down in a ditch. no location given yet. I will upate if i hear
  • county-1 in custody. No further info to come
  • 3xx ? dr – 16 or 60yo female has new-onset immobility
  • 19xx garfield ave – man in 20s weak, dizzy, vomiting
  • w31xx cth v – man in 60s weak, having trouble breathing
  • 54xx s 12th st – man in 60s not making sense, not responding; possible stroke
  • 12xx alabama ave – person in custody having trouble breathing
  • falls – female scammed out of $20,000 by somebody she met online
  • n67xx ridge rd – tree down on wires, fire
  • sheboygan clinic – man in 60s unconscious in x-ray dept
  • n 14th st – male having mental crisis
  • terrace place – 91yo man weak, having trouble breathing
  • 10xx wilson st, plymouth – woman in 60s having trouble breathing
  • [earlier] 4205 cherrywood ct – 88yo woman fell from wheelchair
  • [10:29] sibley ct & wiemann ave – dpw struck gas line
  • [10:12] lakeshore community health – man in 60s dizzy, altered
  • 13xx geele ave – woman in 50s fell from step, injured leg
  • 826 taylor pkwy – 78yo woman fell, injured chest, having trouble breathing
12th July 2023
  • 54xx s 12th st – man in 60s found down, now conscious
  • nemak, gateway dr – man in 30s fell, was unconscious
  • terrace place – fire alarm activated
  • 6xx madison ave, howards grove – co detector activated, smell of light smoke in basement
  • 1202 n 31st st – smoke detector activated
  • sunny ridge – 70yo man has fever, high bp
  • 826 taylor pkwy – water flow alarm activated
  • 8xx pine st – man in 60s weak, has leg pain
  • airport – plane took off, pilot was having trouble breathing, returned
  • 56 yo male hit at 70-75 mph on motorcycle no helmet, has head abrasions, abdominal pain, significant full spinal pain, pain in the pelvis, feels stable, Iv’s running, blood pressure within normal range
  • Flight for life trauma 2 15 minutes to st nicks helipad. to pick up orange cross patient from 23 eb & pioneer rd – vehicle vs motorcycle::
  • 4xx center ave adell-male difficulty speaking between breaths.
  • 40xx north 47th place-females left leg gave out per alarm company
  • outside sheboygan chiropractic-female has extreme back pain
  • nb on O from 23-astro van has part dragging on ground sparking
  • 18xx union ave-female w/difficulty breathing
  • sb i43 from 115mm-small dark car tailgating, swerving all over, acting erratic
  • w24xx smies rd – 93yo woman fell in shower, has leg pain
  • 23 eb & pioneer rd – vehicle vs motorcycle
  • 39xx s 17th pl – 98yo woman fell, hurts
  • 5xx meadow ridge ln – 83yo man has chest pain, high bp
  • 7xx buffalo st – woman in 40s fell, injured hip
  • 15xx n 25th st – 86yo woman warm, dizzy
  • w72xx cth u – 84yo man fell, is semiconscious, incoherent
  • 28xx n apache rd – medical alarm activated
  • taylor dr & wilgus ave – 4-vehicle accident
  • town & country, j – 90yo woman with high blood sugar vomiting
  • [s river blvd?] – small boy walking near roadway
  • 5xx wild goose ln – man having seizure
  • kwik trip, oostburg – man in 20s having pancreatitis attack, nausea
  • n20xx lynn rd – man in 30s having allergic reaction to bee sting, trouble breathing
  • 35xx n 10th st – drunk guy unconscious
  • 26xx georgia ave – man in 60s weak, has chest pain
  • j & woodside ln – accident involving county hwy
  • [2:02] 19xx kaat ln – medical alarm activated
  • wisconsin bank, s taylor dr – fd paged for animal rescue
  • [1:08] 9xx sommer dr – 76yo man fell
  • [earlier] mead ave & 15th st – accident with injuries?
  • 909 ontario ave – 78yo woman has back pain
  • [12:49] rangeline rd – person can’t move following previous od
  • 4221 cherrywood ct – woman in 90s fell, is bleeding
  • lombardi clinic – 80yo man has chest pain
  • 2119 erie ave – medical alarm activated
  • sargento – fire alarm activated
  • 2119 erie ave – man in 40s feels faint
  • pine haven, giddings ave – female staff member collapsed
  • ourtown rd – accident
  • 3xx francis ave, cascade – 76yo man having trouble breathing
  • sartori – woman in 50s having trouble breathing
  • minit mart, weeden creek rd – dog accidentally locked in vehicle

In the era of digital communication, local police scanners have become a vital source of information and insight into the heartbeat of a community. One such scanner that has gained popularity is the Sheboygan Scanner. Serving as a portal into the daily activities of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, this scanner has captivated the interest of residents and enthusiasts alike. In this article, we will explore the Sheboygan Scanner, its history, its impact on the community, and how it has transformed the way people perceive and engage with their surroundings.

Sheboygan Scanner
  1. The Origins of the Sheboygan Scanner

To understand the significance of the Sheboygan Scanner, we must delve into its origins. Police scanners, originally developed for emergency services, allow users to listen in on radio communications between law enforcement, firefighters, and other emergency personnel. The Sheboygan Scanner emerged as a platform that provided live streaming of these transmissions, giving residents a real-time window into the activities of their local authorities.

  1. Community Engagement and Awareness

The Sheboygan Scanner has become an integral part of the community, fostering engagement and awareness among residents. By tuning in to the scanner, individuals gain insights into ongoing incidents, road closures, accidents, and other events occurring within the city. This information empowers citizens to stay informed, make informed decisions about their safety, and even assist law enforcement by providing valuable tips or updates.

Furthermore, the scanner has proven to be an effective tool for building a sense of community. Citizens come together in online forums or social media groups to discuss incidents they hear on the scanner, exchange information, and offer support to each other during difficult times. The Sheboygan Scanner has become a unifying force, connecting individuals who share a common interest in the well-being and security of their community.

Sheboygan Scanner
  1. Impact on Crime Prevention and Public Safety

One of the most significant impacts of the Sheboygan Scanner is its contribution to crime prevention and public safety. By providing real-time updates on criminal activities and emergency situations, the scanner enables residents to take precautions and stay away from potentially dangerous areas. Moreover, the transparency of police activities fosters trust between law enforcement and the community, which is crucial for effective crime prevention efforts.

Additionally, the sheboygan scanner facebook has transformed the way residents perceive crime. It has debunked myths and dispelled unfounded fears by offering accurate information about incidents. Citizens are now better equipped to assess the level of risk in their surroundings, leading to a more informed and proactive approach to personal safety.

  1. Challenges and Ethical Considerations

While the  sheboygan scanner twitter has numerous benefits, it also presents some challenges and ethical considerations. One major concern is the potential for privacy invasion. Broadcasting sensitive information, such as addresses or personal details of individuals involved in incidents, can violate their privacy rights and compromise their safety. Striking a balance between transparency and privacy protection is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the scanner.

Another challenge lies in the interpretation of information received through the scanner. Listeners may misinterpret or misunderstand the context of conversations, leading to rumors or unnecessary panic. Proper education and awareness campaigns can help users develop a better understanding of the scanner’s limitations and prevent the spread of misinformation.

  1. The Future of the Sheboygan Scanner

As technology continues to evolve, so does the sheboygan night scanner. With the advent of smartphone applications and web platforms, accessing scanner feeds has become more convenient than ever. Improved user interfaces, enhanced filtering options, and community-driven features are shaping the future of scanners like the Sheboygan Scanner.

However, advancements also raise concerns about the misuse of scanner information. Stricter regulations and guidelines may be necessary to ensure responsible usage and protect individuals’ privacy. Collaborations between scanner administrators, law enforcement agencies, and community members can foster a dialogue to address these concerns while maintaining the benefits of the scanner.

Moreover, the  sheboygan county scanner can expand its reach beyond emergency services. It can serve as a platform for promoting community events, providing weather updates, or disseminating important announcements from local authorities. By diversifying its content, the scanner can become an even more indispensable tool for community engagement and communication.

Additionally, incorporating features that allow users to submit non-emergency reports or requests for assistance can further enhance the scanner’s functionality. This would encourage community participation and facilitate the timely resolution of non-urgent issues, thereby strengthening the bond between residents and local agencies.

Furthermore, technological advancements, such as artificial intelligence and data analytics, can play a significant role in optimizing the  sheboygan police scanner. By analyzing patterns and trends in the scanner data, law enforcement agencies can identify high-crime areas, allocate resources more efficiently, and devise proactive strategies to prevent criminal activities. This data-driven approach can contribute to a safer and more secure community.

The Power of Real-Time Information

Immediate Access to Emergency Situations

One of the key unique characteristics of Sheboygan Scanner Facebook is its ability to provide immediate access to emergency situations. Through real-time updates and notifications, the page ensures that residents have timely information about ongoing incidents and emergencies in the Sheboygan area. This immediate access to crucial information enables community members to stay informed and make informed decisions about their safety and well-being.

Sheboygan scanner live operates by monitoring various channels, including police scanners, emergency service communications, and reports from community members. This allows the page administrators to quickly gather information about accidents, fires, crimes, and other incidents as they unfold. They then promptly share this information with the community, often accompanied by additional details, updates, and relevant resources.

By providing real-time updates, sheboygan night scanner facebook serves as a vital source of information during emergencies. Residents can learn about the nature of the incident, the location, any potential risks or hazards, and any instructions or precautions that may be necessary. This immediate access to information empowers community members to take appropriate actions to ensure their safety and the safety of others.

Moreover, the real-time nature of the updates enables residents to stay informed about unfolding situations. They can track the progression of an incident, receive updates on emergency response efforts, and be aware of any changes or developments that may occur. This helps residents make informed decisions about their activities, travel routes, or any necessary preparations they may need to make.

In critical situations such as severe weather events, natural disasters, or public safety threats, sheboygan night scanner twitter plays a vital role in disseminating urgent information. Residents can receive immediate updates about evacuation notices, shelter locations, road closures, and any other instructions or precautions issued by local authorities.

The ability to access emergency situations in real-time through  sheboygan police scanner twitter provides a valuable service to the community. It helps bridge the gap between official emergency services and residents, ensuring that important information reaches the public swiftly and efficiently. This immediate access to emergency situations contributes to the overall safety and well-being of the Sheboygan community.

Facilitating Quick Response and Assistance

Another unique characteristic of Sheboygan Scanner Facebook is its ability to facilitate quick response and assistance during emergency situations. The page serves as a platform where community members can come together, share information, and provide support to those in need.

  1. Mobilizing Community Resources: Sheboygan Scanner Facebook acts as a hub for mobilizing community resources during emergencies. Users can quickly share information about incidents, such as accidents, fires, or missing persons, allowing others in the community to respond promptly. This collaborative effort helps mobilize resources, such as volunteers, supplies, or equipment, to assist in emergency situations.
  2. Crowd-Sourced Information: The page encourages community members to contribute relevant information and updates. This crowd-sourced approach facilitates the rapid dissemination of information and enables community members to provide firsthand accounts or share important details that might assist emergency responders. By harnessing the collective knowledge and observations of the community,  sheboygan scanner app enhances the overall response to emergencies.
  3. Mutual Aid and Support: During emergencies, sheboygan county scanner live fosters a sense of community solidarity and support. Users can offer assistance, share resources, or provide comfort to those affected by an incident. This mutual aid network helps create a supportive environment where individuals can find help or offer assistance to their neighbors in times of crisis.
  4. Information Exchange:  sheboygan county scanner twitter facilitates the exchange of vital information among community members. Users can ask for or provide updates on the status of an incident, the availability of services, or the need for specific resources. This information exchange helps community members stay informed and coordinate their efforts effectively.
  5. Emergency Service Coordination: The page acts as a communication channel between the community and emergency services.  sheboygan county sheriff scanner administrators collaborate with local authorities, law enforcement agencies, and emergency responders to share official updates, advisories, and safety instructions. This coordination ensures that accurate information reaches the community in a timely manner, enhancing the overall response and assistance efforts.
  6. Supportive Online Community:  sheboygan scanner frequencies fosters a supportive online community where individuals can seek assistance, ask questions, or provide guidance during emergencies. Users can find comfort, share experiences, and connect with others who may have faced similar situations. This supportive environment helps alleviate anxiety and fosters a sense of belonging and resilience within the community.
  7. Community Engagement with Emergency Services: The page encourages community members to actively engage with emergency services, providing feedback, suggestions, or inquiries. This direct interaction facilitates a closer partnership between the community and emergency responders, leading to more effective emergency preparedness and response.

In summary,  sheboygan wi police scanner goes beyond providing information during emergencies. It actively facilitates quick response and assistance by mobilizing community resources, crowd-sourcing information, fostering mutual aid and support, facilitating information exchange, coordinating with emergency services, creating a supportive online community, and promoting community engagement with emergency responders. These characteristics contribute to a more effective and cohesive response to emergencies within the Sheboygan community.

Enhancing Community Preparedness

Sheboygan Scanner Facebook plays a crucial role in enhancing community preparedness by providing valuable information, resources, and fostering a proactive mindset among community members. Here are some ways in which Sheboygan Scanner Facebook contributes to community preparedness:

  1. Timely and Accurate Information: The page delivers real-time updates on emergencies, incidents, and potential hazards in the Sheboygan area. By providing accurate information promptly, community members can stay informed about the nature of the situation, its location, and any precautions they should take. This enables residents to make informed decisions and take necessary actions to ensure their safety and preparedness.
  2. Emergency Preparedness Tips: sheboygan county scanner feed shares educational content and resources related to emergency preparedness. The page administrators provide tips, guidelines, and checklists to help community members prepare for various types of emergencies, such as severe weather events, power outages, or public safety threats. This proactive approach empowers individuals and families to be better prepared for potential hazards.
  3. Community Safety Initiatives: The page promotes community safety initiatives and programs aimed at enhancing preparedness. It may highlight training sessions, workshops, or events organized by local authorities or emergency services. By raising awareness and encouraging participation in such initiatives, sheb scanner helps community members acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to respond effectively during emergencies.
  4. Public Service Announcements: sheboygan scanner posts serves as a platform for sharing public service announcements from official sources. These announcements may include safety advisories, evacuation notices, road closures, or updates from emergency services. By disseminating these critical messages, the page ensures that community members are aware of important instructions and can take appropriate actions.
  5. Hazard and Threat Awareness: The page helps raise awareness about specific hazards and threats that may affect the Sheboygan area. This includes sharing information about severe weather events, hazardous material incidents, or potential risks to public safety. By highlighting these risks, sheboygan accident today encourages community members to be vigilant, understand the potential dangers, and take proactive steps to mitigate them.
  6. Preparedness Collaboration: Sheboygan Scanner Facebook fosters collaboration among community members to enhance preparedness. Users can share personal experiences, insights, and preparedness strategies. This collaboration allows individuals to learn from one another, exchange ideas, and adapt best practices to their own preparedness efforts.
  7. Emergency Contacts and Resources:  sheboygan accident yesterday provides a platform to share important emergency contacts and resources. This includes contact information for local emergency services, helplines, and community support organizations. Having readily available access to these resources empowers community members to seek assistance or support when needed.
  8. Preparedness Drills and Exercises: The page may promote and encourage participation in emergency preparedness drills and exercises. This can include activities like fire drills, severe weather simulations, or community-wide preparedness exercises. By highlighting and organizing such drills, sheboygan scanner today helps community members practice their emergency response skills and identify areas for improvement.

By facilitating the dissemination of information, sharing resources, and fostering a proactive mindset, Sheboygan Scanner Facebook significantly contributes to enhancing community preparedness. It empowers community members to take responsibility for their safety, be better equipped to handle emergencies, and work together to build a resilient and prepared community.

Traffic Updates and Road Safety

Sheboygan Scanner Facebook provides valuable traffic updates and promotes road safety within the community. Here’s how the page contributes to traffic awareness and road safety:

  1. Real-Time Traffic Updates: Sheboygan Scanner Facebook shares real-time traffic updates, including information about accidents, road closures, construction zones, and traffic congestion. By providing this information promptly, community members can plan their routes accordingly, avoid congested areas, or find alternative routes to reach their destinations more efficiently.
  2. Travel Advisories and Road Conditions: The page keeps the community informed about travel advisories and road conditions. This includes updates on weather-related hazards, such as ice, snowstorms, or flooding, which may affect road safety. By being aware of these conditions, community members can make informed decisions about their travel plans and take necessary precautions.
  3. Sharing Safety Tips: Sheboygan Scanner Facebook shares road safety tips and guidelines to educate the community about safe driving practices. These tips may include reminders about wearing seatbelts, adhering to speed limits, maintaining a safe distance between vehicles, and avoiding distracted driving. By promoting safe driving habits, the page contributes to reducing accidents and improving road safety.
  4. Reporting Road Hazards: The page encourages community members to report road hazards they encounter, such as potholes, damaged signs, or malfunctioning traffic lights. By facilitating the reporting of these issues, Sheboygan Scanner Facebook helps raise awareness among relevant authorities, allowing them to address the hazards promptly and improve road safety conditions.
  5. Collaboration with Law Enforcement: sheboygan falls car accident collaborates with local law enforcement agencies to share updates on traffic enforcement efforts, safety campaigns, or initiatives aimed at improving road safety. By partnering with these agencies, the page promotes a cohesive approach to road safety and encourages community members to comply with traffic laws and regulations.
  6. Sharing Safety Reminders during Events: The page provides safety reminders and traffic updates during community events, festivals, or parades. This helps community members plan their travel routes, be aware of road closures or parking restrictions, and ensures smooth traffic flow during such events. By keeping the community informed, Sheboygan Scanner Facebook contributes to a safer and more organized event experience.
  7. Engaging the Community: Sheboygan Scanner Facebook actively engages with the community to promote road safety. Users are encouraged to share their own experiences, tips, or observations related to road safety. By fostering dialogue and interaction, the page creates a sense of shared responsibility and collective commitment to improving road safety within the community.
  8. Emergency Response Coordination: In the event of traffic accidents or road closures due to emergencies, Sheboygan Scanner Facebook plays a vital role in disseminating information and coordinating with emergency services. By sharing updates on alternative routes, detours, or any instructions from authorities, the page helps community members navigate safely through challenging situations.

Overall, Sheboygan Scanner Facebook serves as a reliable source of traffic updates and road safety information for the community. By providing real-time updates, sharing safety tips, collaborating with law enforcement, and engaging the community, the page actively contributes to raising awareness, promoting responsible driving habits, and enhancing road safety in Sheboygan.

Building a Connected Community

Active Engagement and Participation

Active engagement and participation are key aspects of the Sheboygan Scanner Facebook page. The page fosters a sense of community ownership by encouraging users to actively engage and participate in various ways. Here’s how Sheboygan Scanner Facebook promotes active engagement and participation:

  1. Commenting and Sharing: Users are encouraged to comment on posts and share their thoughts, observations, or additional information related to incidents or events. This open dialogue allows community members to contribute their insights, ask questions, or provide updates, fostering a collaborative environment where information is shared and exchanged.
  2. Reporting Incidents: Sheboygan Scanner Facebook encourages users to report incidents they witness or become aware of. By reporting incidents, users contribute to a broader understanding of the situation, which helps in providing accurate and comprehensive information to the community. This proactive engagement ensures that the page remains a reliable source of real-time updates and alerts.
  3. Sharing Photos and Videos: Community members are invited to share photos or videos related to incidents or events. This visual content adds depth and context to the information being shared and helps the community better understand the situation. User-contributed visual content also enhances the overall engagement and creates a more comprehensive picture of the events happening in the Sheboygan area.
  4. Seeking and Providing Assistance: Sheboygan Scanner Facebook serves as a platform for community members to seek assistance or offer help during emergencies or challenging situations. Users can request support, share resources, or provide guidance to others in need. This active engagement creates a supportive network where community members come together to help one another.
  5. Community Polls and Surveys: The page may conduct polls or surveys to gather opinions and insights from the community on various topics, such as safety concerns, community initiatives, or preparedness strategies. By actively participating in these polls and surveys, users have the opportunity to voice their opinions and contribute to decision-making processes that affect the community.
  6. Sharing Safety Tips and Education: Sheboygan Scanner Facebook regularly shares safety tips, educational content, and resources to empower community members with knowledge and skills related to emergency preparedness, crime prevention, or road safety. Users are encouraged to engage with this content, ask questions, and share their own insights and experiences to enhance community-wide safety and awareness.
  7. Community Events and Meetups: The page may organize or promote community events, meetups, or gatherings to foster in-person engagement and interactions among community members. These events provide an opportunity for users to connect, share experiences, and strengthen the sense of community both online and offline.
  8. Recognizing Community Contributions: Sheboygan Scanner Facebook recognizes and appreciates community members who actively contribute, provide valuable information, or support others in the community. This recognition encourages continued engagement and participation, creating a positive feedback loop that reinforces community involvement.

By actively promoting and encouraging engagement and participation, Sheboygan Scanner Facebook cultivates a vibrant and united community. The page serves as a platform where community members actively contribute, share information, seek and provide assistance, and work together to enhance community safety, preparedness, and well-being.

Creating a Sense of Belonging

Sheboygan Scanner Facebook is dedicated to creating a sense of belonging within the community by fostering a supportive and inclusive online environment. Here’s how the page contributes to creating a sense of belonging:

  1. Community Collaboration: Sheboygan Scanner Facebook encourages community collaboration and engagement. Users are invited to share their experiences, insights, and observations related to incidents or emergencies. This collaborative approach creates a shared sense of responsibility and ownership within the community, fostering a feeling of belonging.
  2. Mutual Support: The page serves as a platform where community members can provide mutual support during challenging times. Users can offer words of encouragement, share resources, or provide assistance to those in need. This sense of support and solidarity creates a strong bond among community members, fostering a sense of belonging and unity.
  3. Respectful Communication: Sheboygan Scanner Facebook promotes respectful communication and interactions among users. The page administrators enforce guidelines that discourage hate speech, derogatory comments, or personal attacks. By maintaining a respectful online environment, the page cultivates a sense of safety and belonging where individuals can freely express their opinions and ideas without fear of discrimination or hostility.
  4. Sharing Community Stories: The page shares stories that highlight the experiences, achievements, and contributions of community members. These stories showcase the diversity and resilience of the Sheboygan community, fostering a sense of pride and belonging among residents. By celebrating community members’ accomplishments, Sheboygan Scanner Facebook reinforces the notion that everyone has a place within the community.
  5. Recognizing Community Contributions: Sheboygan Scanner Facebook recognizes and appreciates the contributions of community members. Whether it’s acknowledging individuals who provide valuable information during emergencies or recognizing acts of kindness and support, the page highlights the positive impact made by community members. This recognition creates a sense of validation and appreciation, reinforcing individuals’ sense of belonging and their importance within the community.
  6. Inclusive Language and Representation: Sheboygan Scanner Facebook is mindful of using inclusive language and representation. The page administrators strive to ensure that all community members feel seen, heard, and represented. This inclusivity helps foster a sense of belonging among individuals from different backgrounds, identities, and experiences.
  7. Engaging Community Events: The page may organize or promote community events, such as meetups or gatherings. These events provide opportunities for community members to connect, interact, and build relationships in person. By facilitating face-to-face interactions, Sheboygan Scanner Facebook strengthens the sense of belonging and creates a sense of community beyond the digital platform.
  8. Empowering Community Involvement: Sheboygan Scanner Facebook empowers community members to get involved in various initiatives and activities that benefit the community. This may include volunteering, participating in community projects, or supporting local causes. By encouraging community involvement, the page gives individuals a sense of purpose and belonging, knowing that their contributions make a positive difference.

Through collaboration, support, respect, inclusivity, recognition, community events, and empowering community involvement, Sheboygan Scanner Facebook fosters a sense of belonging among its users. The page serves as a virtual gathering place where community members come together, connect, and contribute to building a strong and united Sheboygan community.

Collaborative Problem Solving

Sheboygan Scanner Facebook promotes collaborative problem-solving within the community by encouraging users to work together in finding solutions to challenges and addressing issues. Here’s how the page facilitates collaborative problem-solving:

  1. Open Discussion: Sheboygan Scanner Facebook creates a platform for open discussion and dialogue among community members. Users can share their concerns, raise awareness about issues, or propose ideas for resolving problems. This open exchange of ideas allows for a collective brainstorming process, where different perspectives and insights contribute to finding effective solutions.
  2. Sharing Information: The page serves as a hub for sharing information related to incidents, emergencies, or community concerns. By providing accurate and up-to-date information, community members can have a comprehensive understanding of the problem at hand. This shared information forms the basis for collaborative problem-solving, as it ensures that everyone is on the same page and can work together towards a resolution.
  3. Crowd-Sourced Solutions: Sheboygan Scanner Facebook encourages users to contribute their ideas and suggestions for problem-solving. Community members can share their expertise, experiences, or creative solutions that may help address the issue at hand. This crowd-sourced approach harnesses the collective intelligence and diverse perspectives of the community, resulting in innovative and effective problem-solving strategies.
  4. Coordination with Authorities: The page serves as a bridge between the community and local authorities. In situations where community concerns or problems require intervention from relevant authorities, Sheboygan Scanner Facebook can help facilitate communication and coordination. By sharing information and user-generated suggestions with the appropriate authorities, the page helps initiate collaborative efforts between the community and official entities to address the problem.
  5. Mobilizing Community Support: Sheboygan Scanner Facebook has the ability to mobilize community support and action. In cases where a problem requires collective efforts, such as organizing clean-up initiatives, neighborhood watch programs, or community safety campaigns, the page can rally community members to join forces and actively participate in finding solutions.
  6. Identifying Resources and Expertise: Sheboygan Scanner Facebook provides a platform for community members to identify and tap into available resources and expertise. Users can seek advice, recommendations, or guidance from others who have faced similar challenges or possess relevant knowledge. This collaborative approach allows individuals to leverage the collective wisdom of the community to overcome obstacles and solve problems more effectively.
  7. Supportive Feedback and Encouragement: Sheboygan Scanner Facebook fosters a supportive environment where community members can offer feedback, encouragement, and constructive criticism to one another. This positive feedback loop encourages continued engagement and problem-solving efforts, as individuals feel supported and motivated to contribute to the collective goal of finding solutions.
  8. Tracking Progress and Impact: Sheboygan Scanner Facebook can track the progress and impact of collaborative problem-solving initiatives. By sharing updates, success stories, or lessons learned, the page creates a sense of accountability and transparency. Community members can see the tangible results of their collaborative efforts, which further motivates and encourages their active participation in future problem-solving endeavors.

By fostering open discussion, sharing information, encouraging crowd-sourced solutions, coordinating with authorities, mobilizing community support, identifying resources and expertise, providing supportive feedback, and tracking progress, Sheboygan Scanner Facebook empowers community members to engage in collaborative problem-solving. Through collective efforts and shared responsibility, the page helps the community address challenges, overcome obstacles, and create positive change within the Sheboygan area.

Community Support and Empathy

Community support and empathy are integral aspects of the Sheboygan Scanner Facebook page. The page fosters a sense of compassion, understanding, and support within the community. Here’s how Sheboygan Scanner Facebook promotes community support and empathy:

  1. Emotional Support: The page provides a platform for community members to offer emotional support to those who may be experiencing difficult situations. Users can offer words of encouragement, empathy, and understanding to individuals who have been affected by emergencies, accidents, or other distressing events. This outpouring of support creates a sense of solidarity and comfort within the community.
  2. Sharing Resources: Sheboygan Scanner Facebook serves as a hub for sharing resources and information that can help community members in times of need. Users can share information about local shelters, support services, counseling resources, or community organizations that provide assistance. This resource sharing facilitates access to help and strengthens the support network within the community.
  3. Fundraising and Donations: The page may facilitate fundraising efforts or promote donation drives for community members in need. Whether it’s for individuals affected by emergencies, families facing financial hardship, or community initiatives that require support, Sheboygan Scanner Facebook encourages community members to contribute and extend a helping hand. This collective giving demonstrates compassion and generates a strong sense of community support.
  4. Peer-to-Peer Assistance: Sheboygan Scanner Facebook encourages community members to offer assistance to one another. Users can provide practical help, such as offering transportation, sharing information about local services, or connecting individuals with relevant resources. This peer-to-peer assistance strengthens community bonds and demonstrates the willingness of community members to support one another in times of need.
  5. Expressing Gratitude: The page provides a platform for expressing gratitude and appreciation to individuals, organizations, or first responders who have contributed to the well-being and safety of the community. Users can share their gratitude for acts of kindness, professional services, or selfless actions that have positively impacted the community. This acknowledgment fosters a culture of gratitude and empathy, reinforcing the importance of supporting and uplifting one another.
  6. Awareness and Education: Sheboygan Scanner Facebook raises awareness about social issues, mental health, and the importance of empathy within the community. The page shares educational content, resources, and tips to help community members understand and empathize with others’ experiences. This increased awareness promotes a more compassionate and empathetic community environment.
  7. Supportive Online Community: Sheboygan Scanner Facebook maintains a supportive online community by enforcing guidelines that discourage negative or disrespectful behavior. The page administrators actively moderate discussions, ensuring that interactions remain respectful, empathetic, and supportive. This commitment to maintaining a positive online environment fosters a sense of safety and trust among community members.
  8. Community Events and Gatherings: Sheboygan Scanner Facebook may organize or promote community events and gatherings that encourage face-to-face interactions and strengthen community bonds. These events provide opportunities for community members to connect, support one another, and build meaningful relationships based on empathy and shared experiences.

By promoting emotional support, resource sharing, fundraising, peer-to-peer assistance, expressing gratitude, raising awareness, fostering a supportive online community, and organizing community events, Sheboygan Scanner Facebook nurtures a culture of community support and empathy. The page creates a space where individuals can come together, extend help, and demonstrate compassion, ultimately building a stronger and more caring community in Sheboygan.

Communication Channels and Moderation

Maintaining Ethical Reporting Standards

Maintaining ethical reporting standards is crucial for the credibility and integrity of journalism. Journalists have a responsibility to provide accurate, fair, and unbiased information to the public. Here are some key principles and practices to uphold ethical reporting standards:

  1. Truth and Accuracy: Journalists should strive for truth and accuracy in their reporting. They should verify information from multiple sources and cross-check facts before publishing or broadcasting a story. Correcting any errors promptly and transparently is also essential.
  2. Independence and Impartiality: Journalists should maintain their independence from political, commercial, or other external influences that may compromise their objectivity. They should present information fairly and without personal biases, allowing the audience to form their own opinions.
  3. Transparency: Journalists should be transparent about their sources, conflicts of interest, and any affiliations that may affect their reporting. Clearly identifying opinion pieces or analysis from news articles helps readers differentiate between fact-based reporting and commentary.
  4. Privacy and Sensitivity: Respecting individuals’ privacy is vital. Journalists should obtain consent before publishing personal information, especially in cases involving vulnerable individuals or sensitive matters. They should also exercise sensitivity when reporting on tragic events, ensuring that the coverage does not cause unnecessary harm or trauma.
  5. Diversity and Inclusivity: Journalists should strive to include diverse perspectives and voices in their reporting. They should be mindful of representation, avoiding stereotypes or discriminatory language, and promoting inclusivity in their coverage.
  6. Conflict of Interest: Journalists should avoid conflicts of interest that could compromise their reporting. They should disclose any potential conflicts and refrain from engaging in activities that could undermine their objectivity or independence.
  7. Editorial Independence: News organizations should maintain editorial independence, allowing journalists to pursue stories without interference or pressure from owners, advertisers, or other external entities.
  8. Plagiarism and Attribution: Journalists should always give proper credit to original sources when using their work. Plagiarism is a serious ethical violation and should be strictly avoided.
  9. Responsible Use of Images and Information: Journalists should be cautious in using images or footage, ensuring they are relevant and accurately represent the story. They should avoid sensationalism or manipulating visuals that may mislead or sensationalize events.
  10. Ethical Decision-Making: Journalists often face ethical dilemmas in their work. It is important to engage in ethical decision-making processes, considering the potential consequences of reporting and weighing the public interest against individual rights.

By adhering to these principles, journalists can maintain ethical reporting standards and foster public trust in the media. Additionally, news organizations should provide ongoing training and support to journalists, fostering a culture that prioritizes ethical journalism.

Ensuring Accuracy and Verification

Ensuring accuracy and verification is a fundamental aspect of ethical reporting. Journalists have a responsibility to provide reliable information to the public. Here are some guidelines to follow when striving for accuracy and verification:

  1. Multiple Sources: Rely on multiple sources to verify information. Seek out diverse perspectives and independent verification to ensure the credibility of the information. Avoid relying solely on a single source, especially if it is unverified or lacks credibility.
  2. Primary Sources: Whenever possible, consult primary sources firsthand. This may involve conducting interviews, reviewing official documents, or attending events in person. Primary sources provide the most reliable and direct information.
  3. Fact-Checking: Establish a fact-checking process within your organization. Assign dedicated staff or employ fact-checking tools to review and verify the accuracy of information before publication. Fact-checking helps to identify and correct errors, ensuring the credibility of your reporting.
  4. Cross-Verification: Cross-verify information with multiple sources, especially if the facts are sensitive or controversial. When multiple sources corroborate the same information, it adds credibility to the story.
  5. Expert Opinion: Consult subject matter experts or professionals in relevant fields to provide context and analysis. Their insights can help verify the accuracy of technical or specialized information and provide a balanced perspective.
  6. Confirmation and Attribution: When reporting on statements, claims, or allegations made by individuals or organizations, seek confirmation and attribute the information to the source. Clearly distinguish between statements of fact and statements of opinion or speculation.
  7. Use of Anonymous Sources: Use anonymous sources sparingly and only when there is a compelling reason to protect their identity, such as fear of reprisal or potential harm. Ensure that the information provided by anonymous sources is independently corroborated to the extent possible.

4.3 Addressing Concerns and Misinformation
4.4 The Role of Admins and Moderators

Positive Impact on Public Safety
5.1 Crime Prevention and Awareness
5.2 Promoting Police-Community Relations
5.3 Locating Missing Persons
5.4 Emergency Preparedness and Response

Challenges and Limitations
6.1 Managing Sensitivity and Privacy
6.2 Dealing with Trolls and Inappropriate Content
6.3 Balancing Openness with Operational Security
6.4 Legal and Ethical Considerations

Sheboygan Scanner Facebook Beyond Emergencies
7.1 Community Events and Awareness
7.2 Local News and Updates
7.3 Promoting Civic Engagement
7.4 Celebrating Community Achievements

Future Possibilities and Growth
8.1 Technological Advancements and Integration
8.2 Expanding Collaborations and Partnerships
8.3 Reaching a Broader Audience
8.4 Adaptation and Innovation

Preserving Trust and Credibility
9.1 Transparency in Reporting and Sourcing
9.2 Handling Sensitive Information with Care
9.3 Verifying Information and Fact-Checking
9.4 Collaborating with Official Authorities

User Guidelines and Best Practices
10.1 Promoting Respectful and Responsible Conduct
10.2 Sharing Relevant and Accurate Information
10.3 Reporting Emergencies and Suspicious Activities
10.4 Encouraging Constructive Dialogue and Feedback

Impact on Community Policing
11.1 Strengthening the Bond Between Police and Community
11.2 Effective Use of Social Media by Law Enforcement
11.3 Community Policing Success Stories
11.4 Engaging and Empowering Citizens

Sheboygan Scanner Facebook: Testimonials and Success Stories
12.1 Personal Accounts of Community Assistance
12.2 Stories of Reunited Families and Lost Pets Found
12.3 Examples of Emergency Responses and Support
12.4 Recognizing Contributions and Appreciation

Ethical Considerations and Responsible Use
13.1 Respecting Privacy and Confidentiality
13.2 Avoiding Sensationalism and Exploitation
13.3 Handling Sensitive Situations with Compassion
13.4 Being Mindful of Cultural and Legal Differences

Replicating the Model in Other Communities
14.1 Sharing Best Practices and Lessons Learned
14.2 Engaging Local Stakeholders and Partners
14.3 Customizing the Approach for Specific Needs
14.4 Embracing the Power of Community Collaboration

Continuous Improvement and Feedback
16.1 Embracing User Feedback and Suggestions
16.2 Regularly Updating Features and Functionality
16.3 Conducting Surveys and Assessments
16.4 Incorporating User Needs into Future Development

Collaborative Partnerships
17.1 Engaging with Local Authorities and Emergency Services
17.2 Strengthening Relationships with Community Organizations
17.3 Sharing Resources and Expertise
17.4 Coordinating Efforts for Maximum Impact

Community Empowerment and Resilience
18.1 Promoting Self-Reliance and Preparedness
18.2 Encouraging Active Citizenship
18.3 Fostering Neighborhood Watch Programs
18.4 Inspiring Community Action and Initiatives

Overcoming Challenges Together
19.1 Addressing the Spread of Misinformation
19.2 Combating Cyberbullying and Harassment
19.3 Navigating Legal and Privacy Concerns
19.4 Promoting Healthy Online Dialogue and Debate

Looking Ahead: The Future of Community Safety
20.1 Embracing Technological Advancements
20.2 Integrating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
20.3 Leveraging Data Analytics for Improved Insights
20.4 Empowering Communities in the Digital Age


The Sheboygan Scanner has emerged as a powerful tool that connects residents, law enforcement agencies, and emergency services in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Its ability to provide real-time information, foster community engagement, and contribute to crime prevention has transformed the way individuals perceive and interact with their surroundings. However, ethical considerations and challenges such as privacy invasion and misinformation must be addressed to ensure responsible usage of scanner information.

As the scanner evolves with technological advancements and user demands, it has the potential to become an even more valuable resource for the Sheboygan community. By expanding its features, incorporating data analytics, and promoting collaboration between stakeholders, the Sheboygan Scanner can continue to strengthen community bonds, enhance public safety, and empower residents to actively contribute to the well-being of their city.

In the dynamic landscape of communication and technology, the Sheboygan Scanner stands as a testament to the power of community-driven initiatives. It not only serves as a source of information but also symbolizes the unity and resilience of a community that is dedicated to creating a safer and more connected environment for its residents.


How safe is Sheboygan?

Sheboygan, Wisconsin, is generally considered a safe city. However, it’s important to note that crime rates can vary over time and across different areas within the city. To assess the safety of Sheboygan, it is helpful to look at crime statistics and consider factors such as the overall crime rate, violent crime rate, property crime rate, and community safety initiatives.

Sheboygan has a lower crime rate compared to the national average in the United States. The Sheboygan Police Department works to maintain public safety and collaborates with the community to address crime prevention and law enforcement efforts. They also provide resources and programs aimed at promoting safety and community engagement.

As with any city, it is recommended to exercise general safety precautions and stay informed about local safety guidelines and updates. Monitoring local news sources and official websites can provide you with the most up-to-date information regarding safety concerns or initiatives in Sheboygan. Additionally, reaching out to the Sheboygan Police Department directly can offer further insight into safety measures and community-specific information.

What county is 53083 in?

The ZIP code 53083 corresponds to the city of Sheboygan in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin. Sheboygan County encompasses several cities, towns, and villages, and the city of Sheboygan is the county seat. Therefore, if you have a ZIP code of 53083, it is located within Sheboygan County.

Christopher Domagalski-Chief of Police of Sheboygan Police

Christopher Domagalski

Christopher Domagalski is the Chief of Police of the Sheboygan Police Department. He served as the Police Commissioner of the NYPD from January 2014 to September 2016. Prior to his role as Police Commissioner, Christopher also served as the Commissioner of the Boston Police Department and the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). Christopher Domagalski served as the Police Commissioner of the NYPD for two non-consecutive terms, first from 1992 to 1994 and then again from 2002 to 2008. He is the first person to hold the position of NYPD Commissioner for two separate tenures. He also served as the Superintendent from February 2008 to March 2011. Christopher Domagalski was appointed by then-Mayor Richard M. Daley to lead the Chicago Police Department during that time.